Your Venom - Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen: Situation Worsens.

Casey sits next to me in form, knowing this might be the last time she can do so. Rex hasn't spoken to me since yesterday, the day of the break up. I guess I should feel guilty, but I don't, just relieved, and slightly worried about how he'll react. I sigh and she gives a supportive smile, lightly tapping my arm as she does, making me feel a little better.

Mitzy and Rose sit down with us and smile sweetly, but something about it looks suspicious, and it's not just me who thinks so. "What's wrong?" Casey asks and they sigh, knowing they can't lie to her.

"Rex is looking for you" Mitzy says to me and I groan.

"How did he act? Like, angry or . . . what?" I ask and Rose shrugs.

"To be honest, he looked heart broken. Other than that he looked, like, resigned. He just wants to talk to you" she tells me and I nod.

"He's not going to ask you back, I'm pretty sure of it" Mitzy adds and I smile.

"I hope not, I don't want to hurt him even more" I tell her and she nods. "Did he say where he'd meet me or anything?" I ask and then there is a pause as I look outside the glass in the door, seeing him standing there. "Never mind" I add, getting up and walking towards to door, pulling it open and walking out to meet Rex, anxious of what he is going to say.

He stands there for a moment and smiles, his expression broken. The silence is awkward and the atmosphere heavy, both of us needing to talk, explain things, apologise. The atmosphere isn't as tense as it was yesterday, not as threatening. I decide I should break the silence and I clear my throat nervously.

"Hey" I say and he nods, smiling slightly.

"Hey yourself" he sighs and we stay in silence again, the guilt starting to kick in.

"So, Mitzy and Rose said you wanted to talk to me?" I ask and he nods.

"I know that Casey was worried after what happened yesterday that I would totally flip and . . . I dunno, like, ruin you, you know what I mean? Casey is obsessed with her popularity and thought that I might take it from you, exile you like the Dreamer's. I know she was worried I'd do that, but I'm here to tell you I won't. I won't sink that low, what happened hurt, but I'm not going to hurt you in return, I love you too much to do that, even if you don't feel the same way" Rex says, sighing at the last sentence.

"Thank you. And, I am sorry for all this, I didn't want to string you along, you deserve better than that" I say and he smiles, nodding.

"I'm just glad your honest. By the way, I'm sorry for accusing you for cheating on me, that was unfair . . . uncalled for. You were only being . . . as nice as you could about the whole situation and I rubbed it in your face. Sorry"

"It's fine" I say and we stand in more silence.

"I better go. See you at lunch?" he asks and I nod, smiling and waving as he leaves, thinking that was easier than I thought it would be.

Walking back into form, I'm pleasantly surprised as to how Rex is taking this, not being petty or angry or . . . or anything! I sit with the others and explain everything that happened, Casey pleased that she doesn't have to lose her P.A.

Lessonsare easy, kicking back and relaxing as Casey argues with the teacher about her 'fogotten' homework and coursework. I don't worry as much about Rex, but I do start getting anxious about my plan to convince Casey Seth should be accepted. I've decided not to tellher straight away, leaving her time to get over the fact I dumped Rex for not apparent reason.

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