Your Venom - Chapter Seventeen.

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Chapter Seventeen: Learning.

 I wake later than usual and fight the urge to stay in bed. My eyes struggle to open and my limbs ache, protesting when I sit up and stretch. Groaning, I stumble to the bathroom, having a quick shower. I dry my hair and straighten it, doing my make up before I leave the house, finding Seth waiting for me. "No Meadow today?" I ask as he takes my hand and kisses my cheek.

"She and Dustin have gone out of town to hunt today. She apologises for not being here to keep you company through the day, but after our hunt yesterday, she thinks going out of town is best" he tells me.

"Oh" I reply, not sure what to say. Seth walks with me, waiting for me to say something. "Can we meet up tonight? I want to know more about . . . you know" I say and he nods.

"You're welcome to come to my house, if you wish. I wasn't sure you wanted to discuss this in public or at yours where you parents might hear" he says.

"My house is . . . kind of tense at the moment. I guess it wouldn't be a good idea coming to mine, my parents have got enough to deal with at the moment"

"That's Ok. I think the clan is eager to see the newbie, so they'll have no objections"

"They know about me?"

"They've known about you since the prophecy was made"

  We approach the school and a few people stare, hateful looks thrown our way from Casey and Rex, disappointed ones from the rest of the gang. Mitzy and Rose look like they want to say something, but don't. I smile at them quickly, walking slowly to make sure they see, before speeding up to walk with Seth. We go to my locker, where I dump a few folders.

 While I'm putting things inside and organising it, Seth stands behind me, arms around my waist as he rests his head on my shoulder. It feels nice and I can't help but smile, up until he kisses my neck, where I freeze and shiver, remembering last night. He just laughs gently, but doesn't do it again, kissing my jaw instead.

  He walks me up to form, kissing my forehead before he leaves. I walk into form, a little disappointed Meadow isn't here, but I don't dwell on it, pulling out a notepad and doodling over it. Casey and her gang walk in, Mitzy and Rose smiling at me quickly, before strutting after Casey. She sits at the back, their usual spot, and glares at me before gloating about how she and Rex have such chemistry. I smirk at her pathetic attempts to get at me, rolling my eyes and continuing to doodle.

 Our form tutor takes the register, not questioning Meadow's absence, before letting us go. I sit at the front in English, completing the rest of my coursework and even starting our next project, reading through a play I'm given. "So sorry to disturb, Mrs. Greggors" a voice at the front says and I smile, looking up to see Seth standing at my teachers desk.

"Oh Seth, nice to see you. Before you ask, yes I do have your final marks" she says, obviously expecting the question Seth is going to ask. As they get into a conversation, I hear Casey groaning and moaning at the back. Seth smiles at me before he leaves and it takes a while for me to work out he was checking up on me, not his marks.

  The lesson ends swiftly and I try to find Seth before my next lesson. I track him down outside my locker and he smiles as I approach, wrapping me into a hug. "You don't need to check up on me" I tell him and he laughs.

"I'll have you know I was checking my grades" he jokes and I roll my eyes. We stop hugging but he takes my hand and walks me to Science.

 We get glares from Rex and Casey as Seth waits with me outside the class room, but the others are Ok, Mitzy even attempting a little wave. I give one back, luckily Casey isn't watching, and turn back to Seth, smiling and giggling as he kisses my cheek and along my jaw. The bell goes and he leaves me, kissing the tip of my nose before he goes.

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