Your Venom - Chapter Thirty Three

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Chapter Thirty Three: Beatings.

 I've been with the new group for twoweeks and things have gotten worse. The beating Layden gave me was just one of many, and it's not just him throwing punches. Layden is the main person to deliver the beatings but Garret and Joel join in now and again, while Connor refuses to. I wonder why they keep him if he refuses to hurt people, but don't dare question it, knowing it'll earn me another bruise.

 The group hunts more foten that we used to, getting to the towns quickly and staying over night. They kill a lot of people between them, not giving any to me, like I expected. They have to change their hunting groups often so that I'm being watched. Two will hunt while two guard and then they change over. While they get stronger, I get weaker, and I know death will soon come.

* * * * *

   Sitting by the fire next to Connor, I wonder where we're going. I think about asking Connor, he seems to be the most easy to talk to and ask questions, but I don't, sensing Layden is near. The warmth of the fire is nice, but only I appreciate it. I have the strength and the system of a human, the cold wind making me shiver and the blaze of the fire making me warm.

 "Are you Ok?" Connor whispers and I nod, not in the mood for talking and nervous as Layden moves closer to us. Layden worries about Connor, watching him whenever he's near me and whenever he talks to me, as if he expects Connor to help me break free or something. Connor may be the nicest here but he's not some body I would chose to socialise with.

 I shiver as a cold breeze hits me and I bring my knees to my chest, curling up to give me some sort of warmth. Connor watches me as I rock back and forth for a little while, a little bit of concern on his face as he watches. "Connor! Come help me get some more wood" Layden snaps, seeing Connor's expression and getting angry.

"Who's gonna watch her?" Connor asks as he stands.

"Garret" he replies and Garret sits next to me, smirking as I continue to shake, shiver and rock.

 Connor and Layden leave, Garret talking to Joel but keeping a close eye on me. His gaze scares me and I wish I was anywhere but here, wanting to be at home, curled up in bed instead of here, being watches by two threatening, scary vampires who would kill me as soon as look at me.

  Another harsh wind sweeps through and I shiver violently. I want to go into a tent but I don't know which one is mine for tonight. Each of the men have their own tents, which I have to share so that if I try and escape they'll hear me. It changes every night and I'm too scared to ask who's I'm in tonight. I know who it's not, though.Layden doesn't trust Connor, I can tell he doesn't, and refuses for us to be together too long or for Connor to guard me on his own, that's why I've never been in Connor's tent before, Layden thinking if I tried to escape Connor might let me.

  Something is thrown at me and I look down at it. A blanket? I frown and look round to see Joel there. "Don't want you dying of cold. Layde wants it to be his own hand" he explains and I smile.

"Thank you" I murmur, wrapping it round me tight.

"We're not cruel. I mean, we have to be in front of Layden, but none of us wants to be" Joel adds.

"Why are you doing this then?" I ask and he sighs.

"All of us are from Maver, apart from Layden" Joel starts, sitting beside Garret and myself. "Our elders heard the prophecy and swore that when you changed, they would send their best men to fight off this threat. We didn't question it, thinking it would be ages before it happened and might never happen. We knew we didn't want to kill anyone, this person couldn't help what they were. Then we heard it had happened, you had changed"

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