Your Venom - Chapter Twenty Nine

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Chapter Twenty Nine: Resting.

Things have gone from bad to worse in the last few weeks. With all of us taking careful watches and none of us able to feed, we've all become irritable. The arguments have stretched on, with everybody ignoring each other for hours on end, and the arguments sometimes leading to possible fights, having to be broken up by the by standers.

The craving for blood has become too much, all of us wanting the one thing that seems so far away. Red refuses to change our course, promising we'll be hitting civilisation but nobody believes him, all of us tired, irritable and consumed in temptation.

* * * * *

Waking up, I moan, wishing I could sleep for longer but knowing I won't be able to drift off again. I sit up and see Seth on his watch, his body facing away from me as he keeps an eye on the door to the barn. His body is leaning forward and he yawns, struggling to stay awake. Smiling, I get up and walk over to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey babe" I say, kissing the top of his head before going and sitting next to him. I lean against him and he smiles, his arm around my shoulder as he yawns again. "Go and get some sleep" I say and he shakes his head.

"I have to finish my watch" he replies and I roll my eyes.

"I'll do it. There is no way I'll be able to drift off now, you might as well go and get some" I say.

"I can't expect you to take over, honey" he yawns.

"Just go. You'll regret it later when we start walking" I say and he nods, kissing the top of my head.

"Thank you. Sure you'll be Ok?" he asks and I nod, watching him go over to his sleeping bag and drifting off.

Sitting back into the watch, I listen for any unusual noises. As I sit in the watch, I start to worry about everything that could go wrong right now and how we'd handle it. If there was an attack we'd all be killed, none of us can fight like this. I sigh, wishing we could get to a town and feed, bring up our strength again.

Shivering from the thought of an attack, I try and move my mind on to something else. I settle on home, thinking about my family. Have my parents noticed I'm gone? Have they done anything to try and find me? Or are they too caught up in their divorce, as usual? Has Dexter noticed? Of course he has, he's the only one that cared about me.

I think about school, wondering if they've broken up for the summer yet. I think about Casey, unsure if she's still angry with me or simply doesn't care. I wonder if her and Rex are together yet, judging from the signs she gave after I dumped him. How are Mitzy and Rose? Is Casey taking her anger out on them, as usual? Maybe they're all in Spain, just like we planned earlier this year.

I sigh, realising how much my life has changed in such a small amount of time. Earlier this year all I cared about was my popularity and I lost that. My only worry was Rex and my fake relationship, but now that's over. I planned to go to Spain and relax, but now I'm on the run, killing humans and the vampires who are hunting me.

Although there are negatives, there are positives. Casey was never a friend, she was more of a boss than a friend. Rex wasn't a boyfriend, he was just being used as one.

But now I have the gang. Red, Logan, Meadow and Dustin aren't just my protectors, they're my friends. And Seth . . . Seth is a proper boyfriend, somebody who I love and care for, not just somebody I'm using to get higher up on the social chain.

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