Your Venom - Chapter Twenty Six

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Chapter Twenty Six: Plan In Action.

Red parks in the garage, slamming his door as he gets out of the car and storms into the house. "He's taking this a little too far" Logan sighs as we all get out of the car.

"Can you blame him though? We got caught and I almost got in a fight. He's probably more pissed at me than anyone else" Seth says and I smile sympathetically, squeezing his hand and kissing his cheek.

"Thank you for that. But if you do it again, there'll be trouble" I warn him and he smiles, winking.

Logan, Seth and I walk into the house, hearing Red shouting up the stairs to Meadow and Dustin. "Get in the meeting room. We need a plan" Red snaps at us and I'm a little taken back. Seth just sighs, pulling me along while Logan says something unintelligible under his breath. We walk into the room at the end of the main corridor, sitting around the table as Dustin and Meadow shoot in, looking a little shocked and very curious.

"What's going on?" Meadow asks as Red slams the door.

"We got caught when we went hunting. A few vampires met us and Seth attacked one of them. They found us and told us that they were there to 'look but not touch'" I sigh and Meadow gasps.

"They came up to you?" she asks, her eyes looking at me and then Seth. "You attacked one?"

"I'm not having Lexie talked to like that" Seth says, kissing the top of my head.

"What clan?" Dustin asks.

"Blaze" Red sighs.

"How many?" Dustin presses.

"Five" Seth replies and Dustin looks worried.

  We sit in silence for a while, everyone having questions to ask but not knowing who has the answers. "What are we going to do?" Logan asks.

"We need to get out of here. We need to organise a day to everything packed and ready" Red says.

"I can warn everybody, tell them we're going to be careful. Axel will watch over them" Logan replies.

"We're really leaving?" Meadow asks, looking sad.

"We have to" Dustin answers, kissing her cheek.

"No. No you don't" I say and Red rolls his eyes. "Don't do that, Red! You know I don't want you guys to come. I don't want you in danger, and you'll be in it if you guys come with me"

"You're not seriously still going on, are you?" Red asks. "Lexie, we're a part of this. Do you really think we're going to let you get hurt? You think Seth will let you leave so easily? Hell no!"

"He's right, you know" Seth says, gripping my hand tight.

"I don't want you guys getting hurt" I sigh.

"We won't if we stick together" Red says. 

"When do we leave?" Dustin asks.

"This weekend? Saturday? It gives us four days to pack and clear it with the others, plenty of time" Red says.

"We'll have to get supplies. Ruck sacks and camping stuff" Meadow murmurs.

"We'll have to be careful getting it though. If we're under watch, and they see us buying camping stuff, they'll put two and two together. We need to be really careful" Dustin adds.

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