Your Venom - Chapter Thirty Four

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Chapter Thirty Four: Help?

Yawning, I can't help but want more sleep. The temptation to curl up and sleep for a few more hours almost takes hold, but I know I'll only get into trouble. I sit up, pulling the duvet around me and looking around the room quickly. Connor, Garret and Joel are in the room, sitting on the other bed and talking quietly. Connor spots me and shushes the others, smiling at me quickly.

"Morning" Connor says and I nod in reply, getting out of bed reluctantly and walking towards the en suite, needing a shower. The warm water makes me feel a little better, more awake. I dress quickly and dry my hair, wanting to hide the evidence of my shower from Layden, not knowing if it'll anger him or not. I step out of the en suite to find the boys looking at me, watching me as I walk over to my bed and sit on it, staring at the floor.

"How are you feeling?" Joel asks and I shrug.

"Good, I suppose" I reply, still looking down at the floor.

"We'll be leaving soon" Garret says.

"Ok. Is Layden up already?" I ask, looking briefly at the clock to see it's still quite early.

"Yeah. He went hunting again this morning" Connor tells me.

"Ok" I sigh, knowing he'll be even stronger, even more able to hurt me.

I play with the duvet, picking at a hole in it nervously, wondering what Layden will be like when he comes back. In a good mood? A bad? Will he attack? Will he just threaten? I sigh, tears stinging my eyes as I become scared. The others see my worried, terrified expression and smile comfortingly.

"We won't let him hurt you anymore" Garret promises and I snort.

"You can't do anything to stop him. If you try and stop Layden you'll cause yourselves grief, look at what happened to Connor. You know as well as I do that Layden is capable of more than just a black eye, especially when the rest of his clan find out you tried to defend me. I don't want your clan getting into trouble for something as stupid as trying to defend me" I reply and they sigh, the realisation that they can't do anything to help me hitting them.

The door swings open, banging loudly on the door and making me jump. Layden saunters in, a smirk on his face as he looks at me. I shiver as he looks me up and down, his eyes wandering over me as he continues to smirk.

"I'll be carrying you today. No offence to the others, but I really don't trust you" Layden says, glaring at the others hatefully before walking over to me. He puts a tight hand on my wrist, making me wince as he pulls me up to my feet. "You're going to have to walk through town, I don't want to raise suspicion. But you fucking try anything and I won't hesitate to kill" he growls and I nod and gasp in pain as he squeezes my wrist even harder.

* * * * *

As we round another corner, I try and compose my face to a calm expression. Layden has a tight grip on my wrist and I can't help but wince, making him angry as he tries to make everything look normal. He practically drags me through town, growling insults and threats as I show reluctance.

As soon as we get out of town, he throws me over his shoulder and runs, the speed even faster than before, now that he's hunted.

I don't say anything as we leave the town and go deeper into countryside. Layden is unusually silent, not making insults or comments, just shooting off and leaving the others behind, desperate to get to our next stop.

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