Your Venom - Chapter Four

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Chapter Four: Rex!

Casey greets me in the morning, not surprised that I'm not in a talkative mood, knowing I'm dreading today and what Rex will say to me. My stomach does flips as we round the corner to school and I realise how real the situation has become, how much it's all going to change. Sighing, I continue to walk in silence, feeling even worse with every step. As Casey flicks her hair and struts towards the school, where Nick and Rex are waiting, my stomach sinks and I feel even worse, but I wear my fake, shy smile and lock my eyes with Rex's.

"Hey" he breathes, a stunning smile on his lips.

"Hey yourself" I reply with a shy giggle, trying desperately to create a blush on my cheeks to make it even more convincing. Casey and Nick head inside and while I turn to go inside, Rex grabs my arm and looks into my eyes. "What Rex?" I ask politely, running my hand through my hair and pouting my lips quickly.

"Nothing, just wanted to see if I could meet up with you at lunch? I really need to talk to you!" he replies and I nod, smiling before he releases my arm and we walk inside.

* * * * *

Sitting at the back of the class, I get out my eye liner and top it up, using Mitzy's mirror to help me. Casey struts in, waving her hand through her hair and looking slightly flushed from her morning make out session with Nick. Sitting next to me, she gets out her lip gloss and applies a thick layer, pouting quickly before brushing through her hair, bathing in the attention that the class gives her as she shakes her hair out. As the boys drool, I do my mascara, angry with myself for not applying enough this morning.

"So? What did Rex say?" she asks and I shrug, suddenly aware of Rose and Mitzy, who are listening to our conversation.

"He wants to meet up at lunch to talk to me" I tell her, finishing my make up and passing the mirror back to Mitzy.

"Wonder what that's about!" she says in a sing-song voice, obviously hinting something.

"Do you know something, Casey?" I ask innocently and she giggles as I play dumb, keeping up the act in front of Rose and Mitzy.

"You'll have to wait, I promised himI wouldn't say anything, honey" she replies and I groan.

"Please? Tell me, Casey!" I complain, putting on a good show for Rose and Mitzy, who are smiling at Casey, hungry for gossip.

"I promised! I never break a promise!" she says, a huge lie. I groan, putting my face in my hands and sighing dramatically.

our form tutor comes in, closely followed by Meadow, who takes her usual seat at the front, pulling out a pad and pencil, drawing enthusiastically. "Here's the cow!" Casey hisses and I smile, knowing I have to look like I'm agreeing with her, but wishing she would stop picking on the Dreamer's. while Meadow ignores Casey's loud, horrible insults, I feel even worse for her, seeing her rolling her eyes and shaking her head, not caring, just thinking Casey is pathetic.

The bell rings and we get up, walking through the corridor flawlessly with evident confidence. As Casey leads, I take my position in second, watching as people turn our way, something I'm still not quite used to. As Casey leads us to our next lesson, I see Meadow following, her eyes catching mine as she turns up into the Maths department, as small smile on her face. Looking away, I shed any thoughts of her, remembering she's exiled and isn't my problem. Casey leads us to English and we take our seats, Casey whispering with Mitzy while I get out a pen, tapping it lightly on the table as I wait for the lesson to begin.

While Mrs. Greggors tells us about our exmas, Casey yawns and stretches, finding little interest in the lesson, texting away on her phone to somebody I assume is Nick, from the sly smile on her lips and the slight blush on her cheeks. As I scribble down notes, there is a knock on the door, my head popping up from my book as I watch Seth Dreamer stroll though the class, talking quietly with Mrs. Greggors who laughs and accepts a folder, laughing again as he turns to leave, looking me straight in the eye before he leaves.

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