Your Venom.

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Chapter One: Lexie Moon.

Swinging my hips, I glide across the hall, smiling as boys turn to look at me longingly. Smiling perfectly, I flick back my black hair and catch a few boys eyes, winking and sometimes giving a little wave as I make my way to the back of the hall where my friends are waiting, basking in the attention the hall radiates towards them, boys wanting them and girls wanting to be them. Reaching the table, I sit down, winking a couple of boys who's jawsdrop as I do, both of them looking at each other to check it's real.

Giggling, I flick my hair again and then turn to Casey, who is glowing in the attnetion of her devoted boyfriend Nick. While he nips at her ear, she casts a glance over the hall, making sure everyone is looking at us. Sighing contently, she kisses Nick quickly before turning to her salad and cutting it into pieces.

Rose applies more lip gloss while her boyfriend Draco stares at her adoringly, stroking along her jaw and making her smile, looking at him briefly before she turns to her tiny compact mirror, checking her lip gloss. Draco smiles, leaning back in his chair with a triumphant smile as he strokes Rose's chocolate brown skin, kissing along her jaw and making her giggle.

The last girl on the table flicks her hair and then ruffles it quickly to add some volume, applying mascara and then darkening her eyeliner. Mitzy puts her make up away and then turns to her boyfriend, Will, who is waiting patiently, watching her with a loving expression on his face.

After looking round at the people present, I start to remember how we all met, the first day of high school. It's usually strained and pressured, the rush starts to make friends, wanting somebody to hang with on the first day. I was sitting in my form class, bitterly disappointed as all my primary school friends had gone to another high school. I sat at the back in silence, watching as everyone walked in and automatically knew their place in the social chain, picking their new friends accordingly. Not knowing my place, I waited for somebody to tell me, waiting for somebody to sit next to me and then I would know.

As I waited, I watched, knowing the geeks fromthe cool guys, the chav's from the greebo's, every single social point in my class.

Then they entered, swinging their hips and hitching up their skirts, pouting and giggling as they looked through the class, automatically owning each and every one of us. They made their way to the back and I was prepared the move, thinking I would never be that high up on the social chain, but then Casey sat next to me, her blue eyes watching me as I fussed and fidgeted, fixing my skirt and pulling my hand through my hair nervously.

"Hey, I'm Casey. This is Rose and Mitzy. You are?" she asked, twirling a strand of her platinum blonde hair with her finger, watching me as my mouth opened and closed, making no sound as I started feeling even more nervous. I cleared my throat before I answered, "Hey, I'm Lexie Moon"

"Cute name" she replied, looking at her entouage' before nodding, as if they had read each others minds. "So, what school did you come from?"

After the most simple of conversations, I was their friend and high up on the social chain, automatically in with the year elevens and even knowing some of the sixth formers. I was the second in command, replacing Mitzy as I became close with Casey. Mitzy didn't mind, and was even happy she didn't have the responsibility of keeping Casey happy, a difficult job. Casey is a perfectionist and I'm the person who has to make sure everything if to her high standard, more of a PA than a ''best friend''.

It's not hard to envy Casey, even for people like me who has been her friend for years. She had everything anyone could possibly want; the money, the boyfriend, the looks and the talent. She's thin, tanned and tall, her platinum blonde hair the only think fake about her (apart from her personality). Her blue eyes are framed with thick, long lashed and her face is that of a model's. Her boyfriend is on the list of many and is not a disappointment on the looks side; his fit, muscular body enough to make any girl melt and his beautiful face reflects his even more beautiful personality. I don't know how long he'll last before Casey finds somebody else, somebody even better. Casey's longest relationship was three months, and it's been two with Nick so the future doesn't look good.

Rose and Draco have been together for a few years and nobody could imagine a better couple. Rose is not only drop dead gorgeous, her crow black hair and her creamy, chocolate skin enough to make anybodys mouth drop, her brown eyes both intelligent and happy, her cheek bones defined and maxing, her curvy body wonderfully kept.

Draco runs his hand through his white blonde hair and blushed slightly when Rose catched his gaze. His eyes are mysterious and careful, his lovely face like something of a greek statue. It's not just looks with Draco, his personality shines, although he can be dreadfully arrogant at times.

Mitzy is a model, her blonde hair real, but almost everything else is fake; her nails, her extensions and eyelashes just some of the thing she has to make herself stand out. She models for a teen magazine, wearing the most fashionable, most expensive designer clothes for professional photoshoots. That's how her and Will met, both of them models, and after a few months of constant flirting and texting, they finally got together.

Then there's me, Lexie Moon. Sitting back, I run my fingers through my jet black hair and think of how to describe myself. People tell me I'm beautiful and they say they envy my ''flawless'' body, but I can't see it myself. My body is a tight size eight and my long legs have a lot of trouble finding jeans that fit. I have bright green eyes and a pretty face, although I think it's average, my red lips standing out against my pale face and black hair, which is kept long and thin, layers adding volume. I'm the only single one in the group, but that's about to change, according to Casey.

Rex is my best guy friend and I've known about his crush for me for ages, but I don't feel the same way. The only problem is, Rex is the most popular guy in school and my reputation is in his hands, he can make or break me. Although I think Rex would enevr fo that to me, I can't help but worry, so when he asks, I have to say yes. It's not just me who thinks so, it's an order from Casey, who wants me around, but if my rep goes down then she won't help me, not wanting to put her own rep at stake.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I gaze around the hall before frowning. "Who are you glaring at?" Casey asks, watching my mood turn from content to mock anger. She follows my gaze and growls, looking straight into the eyes of Seth Dreamer.

He doesn't look away, doesn't give in to Casey's evil glare, demanding eyes telling him to look away. He just stares back until Casey gives in, looking at Nick and kissing him quickly. Looking back at Seth, I can't help but gaze at his handsome face. His blonde hair is cropped and spiked, his grey eyes cheerful and cheeky, his skin pale and haunting, his whole body language mysterious. I look away, feeling embarrassed, knowing he is the ''enemy''.

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