Your Venom - Chapter Eighteen

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Chapter Eighteen: Symptoms.

 The room is silent, everybody staring at me as I start to feel a little better, sitting up straight with Seth's arm still wrapped around me. "A month" I sigh, feeling scared and defeated.

"It'll be fine" Meadow promises. "First we need to decide whether your doing this naturally or not"

"You guys reckon a natural one might end in death?" I ask.

"There is the possibility" Logan replies.

"Then I think you know my answer. A bite" I say and they all nod. "But who's going to do it?"

"Seth?" Red asks and he shrugs.

"If that's what Lexie wants. I guess I don't want to be the one that causes so much pain" Seth sighs, looking at me.

"You'll be stopping more pain, though" I reply and he nods.

"Guess you're right" he says.

"So the symptoms, they'll start soon" Red says.

"Lexie, you can't go to school through these" Meadow tells me and I nod, looking at my lap.

"You can't go to school afterwards, either" Red adds.

"So what am I meant to do? I can't just drop out!" I groan, knowing I'll miss going to school, something some people might think is sad.

"She could lead a kidnapped story? She'll be hiding out here anyway, we can make it look like kidnap" Meadow suggests and Seth scoffs.

"And what happens if they find her here? We'll all be locked up, Meadow!" he says.

"How about . . . if I were to run away?" I ask and everybody looks at me.

"Do you have any reason to? A storyline?" Logan asks and I nod.

"Who knew it would come in handy?" I snort. "My parents. They're divorcing, or they're not. They're arguing constantly so I could use that"

"It'd have to be planned perfectly" Logan says as Seth gives me a quick squeeze on my shoulder.

"We could do it" Red says. "But it'd have to be soon. Can you get out this weekend?"

"Sure" I sigh.

"Then that's settled" Logan says, clapping his hands together as a plan forms.

"You'll be staying here, of course" Red tells me. "We have some spare rooms. One of us will be monitoring you through the day, watching for signs. We can do the bite in three weeks, let your blood prepare for the change and use that to help the bitten transformation. After that we'll have to be careful. Clan's have heard about you already"

  "Seriously?" Seth asks, anger across his face.

"Word got round to the Blaze clan and no doubt Maver have heard by now" Logan says with an irritated tone.

"What will they do to me? They want me on their side, right?" I ask, trying to clear the confusion.

"These two don't" Seth sighs.

"Blaze and Maver are the two biggest clans in the history of vampires. They don't see you as an opportunity, they see you as a threat" Red tells me. "They want you dead"

"What!" I breathe, terrified of the vampire clans after me.

"They are not ones to let a threat progress, they want to nip it in the bud, as the saying goes" Logan tells.

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