Your Venom - Chapter Twenty Seven

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Chapter Twenty Seven: On The Run.

 The alarm blares loudly and I jump out of my sleep, my eyes struggling to open as I stretch and yawn. For a moment, I think I'm back at home, being awoken for school. I snap out of that thought as soon as I open my eyes, seeing Seth stirring beside me, the open window revealing the early hours of the day. Groaning, I slam my hand on the alarm, silencing it before watching Seth for a moment, reluctantly shaking him awake.

"Seth, we need to go, babe" I say gently, continuing to shake him as his eyes open. I stop, watching him yawning and then stretching, his face sleepy as he looks at me.

"Mmmm, morning" he moans, wiping his eyes roughly with his hands.

"Morning. How are you feeling?" I ask, my hand on his arm.

"Ok. Tired mostly" he says and I give a little smile.

"I didn't mean it like that" I say and he nods.

"I know. I'm Ok. I'm going to miss them" he says and I move closer to him, hugging him tight, trying to comfort him as he prepares to leave his family . . . for me.

  I get up first, rushing into the en suite to change into my new, sturdy clothes; beige trousers and a black vest. I tie my hair into a high ponytail and straighten my vest, looking in the mirror at the myself before I go back into my room, finding Seth ready and dressed in black walking trousers and a white vest.

My eyes linger over the muscles on his arms, looking at the muscles on his chest that can be seen through the thin vest. "What are you looking at?" he asks and my eyes snap to his, my cheeks blushing slightly.

"Nothing" I answer quickly and he smirks, shooting in front of me and kissing me quickly.

"Ready?" he asks, weaving his fingers with mine. I nod, take one last look around the bedroom, and then start walking towards the door with Seth.

* * * * *

The bags are packed, the maps are ready and everyone is ready. As we stand in the meeting room, I can't help the grey cloud of guilt and sadness stay over me, putting me down as I realise everyone in the room is sacrificing their home, their comforts, to come and protect me.

"Cheers" Red says and we all clink our glasses together, drinking the blood in them in one go.

"What time is it?" Meadow asks.

"About two in the morning" Logan replies.

"We should go soon then" she sighs, her hand brushing through her ponytail.

"We'll finish another glass and then we'll be on our way" Red confirms, pouring all of us a bigger glass than before, all of us drinking hungrily, finishing them in seconds.

  We pick up our huge bags and I smile, not feeling the heavy weight of it as I sling it on my back. "This should be easy" Red says, smiling hopefully.

"If we keep drinking blood regularly" Logan comments and Red nods.

"We've got some stored for the next few weeks. We won't be around many people, sticking to the country more than the towns" Red explains and we all nod, already knowing our course. "We should get going. Everybody ready?"

"Yes Red" we all say in unison, laughing nervously.

   We walk into the kitchen and out the back door, cutting through the garden quickly and heading in the direction of the country, the fields becoming closer and closer as we walk at a steady pace. Seth and I keep our hands locked, smiling at each other from time to time. Luckily, I don't ache or feel any pain, the bag light and then distance easy. We only pause once at mid day, shaking off our packs to apply some sun cream, not wanting to burn in the strong, summer sun.

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