Your Venom - Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen: Strange Encounter.

 After changing and fixing my hair, I text Dexter to see if it's Ok to go to his, smiling at his eager reply. I walk downstairs and out the door, checking Seth has left before I walk to the bus stop. I'm anxious, looking desperately for the bus, hoping Seth doesn't come to check I'm staying at home, instead of rushing off to town, against his wishes. Why was he so off about me going in, anyway? I haven't heard anything about gangs in town. He worries too much.

 The bus pulls up and I get on, sitting at the back and drowning out the world with my iPod. I watch for Seth, a silly fear he'll catch me and be disappointed. Sighing, I feel slightly nervous, what if the rumours are true? I think of the alley I have to go down and start feeling a little scared, before I shake my head, banishing the childish thoughts.

  The bus pulls into town and I get off, deciding to get a cup of coffee before I go to Dexter's, texting him again to double check it's Ok to visit, knowing his busy lifestyle. He assures me it's fine and I smile, not having seen my brother for months and feeling excited to see his face again. I do some shopping first, picking up a couple of tops before reluctantly walking towards to alley to Dexter's flat, the fear rising back up as I approach it.

 I look at the alley and shiver, seeing how dark it is, pitch black, even in the bright summer sun. I take a careful step inside, the tall wooden walls making me a little nervous. Groaning to myself, I tell myself to grow up, so I take another step in. As I realise there is nothing to worry about, I smile to myself, thinking about what a coward I am. I start walking, the nerves resurfacing when I hear a noise from behind me. I shot round to look, but the darkness engulfs me and I can't see anything.

Shakily, I turn back round and start walking even quicker, looking round nervously as the noises become louder and more frequent. Turning round with the winding alley, I start to panic. I jump as I hear a noise exactly behind me and I fight the urge to freeze, walking quickly. I start panting as I start going into a fast jog, my limps lazy and uncoordinated as I jog clumsily.

 "Hey there, where do you think you're going?" a voice says from above me and a shadow jumps from the wooden wall, landing infront of me. I gasp, taking a shakey step back as I start to panic. I turn to run but the shadow, a man, catches my wrist tightly. I gasp in pain and try to seize my wrist from the man, trying in vain. to escape his grasp. I'm shoved against the wall and I groan as I hit my head. His cold breath dances on my neck and I shiver, trying to push him off as he puts both hands tight on my shoulders as he breathes along my neck.

"Sorry about this" he says, his voiced pained and guilty as I shake violently, panic consuming me, fear ruling me, desperation hitting me hard as I try to wriggle from his grip. "Help!" I croak, trying to sound but my throat thick. I clear it and go to shout, but his places a hand on my mouth before a sound erupts from me. I try and bite it, hoping to cause some pain so I can escape, but I can't, my mouth unable to open under his forceful grip. Hot, angry, scared tears escape from my eyes and I struggle to get free, wanting to run away, wishing I had listened to Seth.  

 "Hurry Eddie!" somebody's voice calls and I freeze, recognising it instantly, wondering how he knew, wondering if he's here to help me, hoping he is, wanting to be free. "I would, but she's struggling!" my attacker calls back as I start to wriggle again, trying to escape.

"You can't handle a human?!" his voice replies, laughing deeply as footsteps approach. I struggle again, tears stopping as a small bubble of hope lights up my stomach.

  There is a light shinning, a torch in his hand, and he shines it at me, gasping and taking a shocked step back. The light blinds me, but soon he lowers it, and I see his face clearly, slight relief controlling me, but I'm otherwise still terrified, wondering how he knows my attacker and why he is laughing and joking with him.

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