Your Venom - Chapter Twenty Two

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Chapter Twenty Two: Transformation.

 "Lexie? Can you hear me?" somebody asks and my answer is a small, quick scream. I can't help it. As soon as my mouth opens the scream is unleashed, I can do nothing to stop it. "Shh, I know, honey, I know. It'll be over soon, I promise" the voice says and I can't help but disagree; the same voice promised that ages ago. The pain is unbearable, my body on minute feeling as if it's been set on fire before it turns to ice, the pain paralyzing me. Something touches my arm and I can't help the broken, pain filled sobs, the touch not helping, only hindering. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry" the voice soothes and I bite down hard, trying to stop the scream that is sure to follow their apology.

 I breathe shakily, the breath catching in my throat as the pain shocks me, sending electric down my spine, making me jolt around before the ice sets in, paralyzing me, freezing me, letting the pain run freely. My blood bubbles, the bubbles popping painfully as they touch my skin, as if it's trying to break free of me. The agony is hell. I want to open my eyes, look around, find somebody who can help me, but my body refuses to co-operate.

"How is she?" another voice asks.

"How do you think?" the first voice snaps bitterly before sighing. "She's in complete agony"

"Anything unusual?"


"She's not screaming as much as the others"

"It's early days yet"

"She's been going through this for a day now, did you know?"

"Of course I do. I've been sitting here ever since the bite"

"You should rest. I'll watch her"

"No, it's fine, I need to know how she's doing. Anyway, I'm sleeping fine here"

"Go and get some proper sleep, Seth"

"I'm fine! Anyway, it's not me you should be worrying about"

* * * * *

  Fighting to find my eyes, I try and think about the earlier conversation, wondering how long ago it was. I've been here a day, withering in pain, begging silently for relief, because whenever I go to ask, I end up screaming. I locate my eyes and fight to open them, the effort way too much as I try and open them. Please, I beg.

  "Her eyes are fluttering" the second voice says.

"Lexie? Lexie, honey? Open your eyes" the first says and I try to do what he commands, feeling my eyes, but not being strong enough to open them. Biting down hard, I use the last of my strength to open my eyes, trying to find the owners of the voices. "C'mon, honey, you can do it" the first says and I groan, my eyes fluttering open as I stare above me. Panting slightly from the effort, I give a small smile, trying to find my voices.

"Well done, honey" the first voice says and I see Seth hanging over me. My smile increases but I wince from the pain radiating from my stomach. "How are you feeling?" he asks.

"It . . . it hurts" I moan like a child and Seth's happy expression drops, looking broken and tired.

"I know. You can do this, hang in there, babe" he replies, stroking my face and then stopping as I fight a scream. "Sorry" he murmurs, looking so guilty and pained.

"It's . . . fine!" I grunt, a scream surfacing on the end of my reply.

"Hey, shhh, you can do this" another voice soothes and I see Meadow sitting on the edge of my bed, a comforting smile on her face.

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