Your Venom - Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Sixteen: Past, Present and Future.

 Laughing nervously, I keep on looking at Seth. "Really? That's the best you could come up with? honestly Seth, your practical jokes really need improving!" I say, the nervous laughter stopping.

"I wish I was joking, Lexie" Seth sighs.

"So does the rest of us!" Meadow says, moving closer with Dustin following.

"What are you guys talking about? You can't really be joining in with this . . . it's stupid!" I say, starting to get a little angry with this. It's embarrassing, sitting in front of their parents as Seth and Meadow play a stupid joke.

"Lexie, please, hear me out. This is important, not just for you, but for us aswell, we need to know how far a long you are" Dustin says and I tense, his presence still making me a little agitated, but the way he speaks makes me think the joke is real, the serious tone of his voice almost confirming it all. I shake the feeling, ignoring him and looking back at Seth, anger in my eyes as I glare.

"Don't play games" I growl, and I realise I'm more angry than I should be. i try to calm down but the feeling of anger creates fire in my stomach.

"I think she's further along than we thought" Oscar says and I calm my expression, looking at him with a confused one.

"What are you talking about?" I ask, trying to be polite but my tone clipped and impatient.

"You're a half blood" Seth says. "At your age, you'll be going through the changes to become a full blood"

"Seth, no offence, but I'm not listening to your stupid joke! This is stupid, so don't even try to convince me you're serious. It isn't working, I don't believe you, so just give up already!" I snap.

"Just listen to him, Lexie" May says. "i know you're angry and embarrassed, but there is no need to be. Listen to Seth and then you'll know everything and will be able to make your decision of belief from there. At least you'll be informed"

  I listen to May, sighing and looking back at Seth, waiting for an explanation. He looks back before clearing his throat and looking serious.

 "Your grandmother was a vampire. She was a strong one at that, but never used it to make others feel bad or small. Marie was a lovely person, sweet and beautiful, somebody everybody got on with and admired. She was never bitten, we'll get back to that later, so she aged normally. She met your grandfather and they married quickly. She became pregnant and worried like crazy, her husband was a human and she was a vampire, how would the baby react to having two different types of blood? Would it survive? Nobody knew, apart from the clan's psychic. She looked into Marie's future and saw nothing wrong with the baby she was expecting. The baby was fine, a human, so Marie had to be careful around it, what with her craving blood constantly.

"Marie had two more children and they were all human, to her and her husband's surprise. He knew what she was and was cautious about the children, not sure if they would be vampire or human. Marie's eldest child was pregnant and Marie worried, coming to the psychic to ask the future of her grandchildren, praying that the gene had died and would not jump onto them. The psychic told Marie that none of her future family would be vampires, apart from her first grand daughter. This grandchild would live as a half blood until it's vampire genes took control, turning her into a full blood, a painful and horrific process. When the child eventually turned they would be the strongest vampire to ever walk the world, nobody would compare to them. Marie swore to tell her grand daughter when the time was right, but she never made it that far. She and her husband died of natural deaths, taking their secret with them.

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