Your Venom - Chapter Six

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Chapter Six: Breaking Up.

The next two weeks are easy, fooling everyone to believe I'm totally head over heels for Rex, pretending my parents aren't divorcing and giving everyone the impress I'm happy. The two weeks are full of fake laughs, smiles and kisses, having Rex on my arm at every moment, finishing his cigarettes and even getting my own, letting him take drags from them when we wants to, winking and sharing loving glances.

* * * * *

Sitting down next to Rex, he slings his arm around my shoulders and I snuggle into him, receiving a kiss on the top of my head as he sighs contently, offering a crisp, which I shake my head to, getting out my salad and picking at it. Rex talks to Nick about the football team while I day dream. It isn't until Casey snorts that I snap into the conversation, looking up at Rex with a confused expressionas he rolls his eyes.

"What did I miss?" I ask, straightening upa little, Rex smiling at me as I rest my head on his shoulder.

"Nothing, just football" Rex says, kissing my head again, knowing football bores me.

"Guess who has been named the new captain!" Casey grumbles and I wait for her to tell me.

"Who?" I ask, slighting impatient as she crosses her arms, sitting back in her chair with a scowl.

"Seth Dreamer!" Casey complains. "You know what that means! He'llbe giving orders, he'll be higher up on the chain, he'll be . . . more significant!"

"Casey, nobody will think that. He's one part of the whole team, nobody will notice him, not with the guys being sogreat!" I assure her, Rex stroking my cheek as I talk.

"You don't get it! People might start to like him and -"

"They'll be exiled accordingly" I tell her and she shrugs, pouting.

"I guess so" she sighs, staring daggers at Seth and Meadow, who are on the opposite side of thehall.

While Rex plays with my hair and strokes my face, I chew on my lunch, concentrating on assuring Casey that Seth isn't going to over power her laws with being the newfootball captain. Finding the whole conversation childish unnecessary, I stop talking, gazing around the room and finding the Dreamer's, silently cursing them for this stupid situation I'm having to deal with. Why couldn't Seth have just gone out with Casey? He wouldn't of had to put up with her long, she would have gotten over him prettyquickly, she always does!!!

Casey gets ready to move and I pack away my half eaten lunch, standing up just after her and locking my hand with Rex's, leading him as I follow Casey, impatient as he lags a little bit behind me. We make our way on to the field, the girls and I sunbathing while the boys go to play football, Rex kissing me quickly before he leaves. Sighing, I flop back, angry with myself for leading Rex on, for lying to him and almost everybody else, for getting into a fake relationship.

Everyone is silent so I plug in my earphnes and try to relax, turning my iPod up to block out the world, running my hand through my hair as I push it from my face, my skin tingling from the sun. Something jabs my side and I bolt up, my hair wild and my earphones popping out as I look round to find Casey staring at my impatiently.

"What?" I ask, sorting out my hair and laying back down, turning down my iPod and putting one of the earphones in as I look at her expectantly.

"I was telling Mitzy and Rose that I won't be long until we're all on holiday in sunny Spain!" Casey replies and I smile, thinking of our holiday.

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