Chapter Thirty-Six

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I barely got much sleep last night. The infirmary cot they had me sleeping on felt too much like the one the vampires gave me. Plus it wasn't easy to get some peaceful sleep in a room where the sick and injured were getting treated.

Vince came to get me at seven. He brought a change of clothes with him and gave them to me to change into. It was a simple pair of grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt. He forgot to bring me shoes so I had to walk to the training room in my slippers.

The training room was about what you would expect. There were several workout machines lining the walls and surrounding the room. Then in the middle was a large mat that people were using for sparing.

Moira and Ethan were waiting for us near a door that appeared to lead to a different training room.

"Alright, let's do this," Moira said. She led us through the door and the room looked almost the same as the one we were just in. Almost. The people training in this room were using those crystals.

Moira clapped her hands and everyone looked over at her. "Gym is closed for now. We have to do an assessment."

Slowly everyone filed out of the room. Several of them gave me pointed looks.

"Now, Mia. Tell me, have you gone through your transformation yet?"

I shrugged. "I have no idea."

She rolled her eyes. "Have you experienced any form of energy transference?"

"Energy transference?" I thought back to the party with Gabby, Darren and the rest of our friends. I had to push the thought of never seeing them again out of my head. "Would absorbing heat or whatever from a lightbulb count?"

She nodded. "Yes, it would. How long ago did that happen?"

"Two nights ago."

"The night you called me?" Vince asked.

"Yeah, I was worried."

"Then why didn't you come in?" Ethan asked.

"I had just escaped one hostile situation. I wasn't ready to enter another one."

"Moving on," Moira said. She stepped in front of her son to tell him to stop talking. "Are you familiar with the crystals?"

"Well, Vince explained them to me. And I did use one once." She nodded at me to continue. "While I was escaping the Rutherfords I was almost taken out by this dude in riot gear. My cat managed to claw him to get him away from me, I took his weird knife and used it to kill this vampire in self-defense."

"Okay, what color was it?"


"That's good. Good..." she paused for a second. "Good, now please step onto the mat."

I kicked off my slippers and stepped onto the mat. It was grey and slightly squishy.

"Ethan, did you bring it?"

Ethan nodded and handed her a small gemstone that was crystal clear. It was cut into a circular shape and very flat. He handed it to me.

It fit perfectly in my palm. But nothing happened.

"I'm not exactly sure how to use this," I admitted.

"Well, what were you feeling when you used one the last time?" Vince asked. Moira gave him a pointed look and he took a step back. Something made me feel like he was only here as a courtesy to me.

"Scared? Panicked?" I remember desperately fighting for my life from Kayla and then terrified when Vince and Ethan showed up. I needed something to help my getaway.

I rubbed my fingers over the crystal and thought how desperately I needed it to work. Seconds ticked by and nothing happened. I looked over at Moira. "I'm not sure I can use this one. Should we test another color or something?"

"If you are who we suspect you of being, you would be able to use that crystal. Perhaps you need a little motivation like last time. If you aren't able to use it, we'll put you in a cage alongside all your little vampire friends."

"Mom!" Ethan said, but Moira stood staring at me unbothered.

My hands started to shake with the thought of being trapped in a cage again. I looked at Vince. He looked just as worried and almost looked like he wanted to jump her.

I steadied my breathing and tried to focus on the crystal. I needed it to work. I needed it to work. My sanity relied on it.

Closing my eyes, I brought my hands together to keep them from shaking and tried to focus. I was begging and pleading to whatever because I didn't think Moira was bluffing.

Someone gasped and I opened my eyes. "What? I don't know what was supposed to happen." I didn't see a lightning bolt like last time. I look down at the crystal to see that my hands were gone. Then it slowly faded back into view.

I dropped the crystal and my hands visible again.

"Mr. Valentino, please take Mia to the White Room where she can get settled in. This afternoon she will continue with her training."

She turned and left the room leaving Ethan, Vince and I alone.

"What the hell just happened?" I asked.

"What just happened," Ethan said. "Was that we found our secret weapon against the vampires."

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