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The Pink Eyeball ( Uta Tokyo Ghoul ) by leon_kara
The Pink Eyeball ( Uta Tokyo leon_kara
A shy and quiet girl, Akira needs a mask to hide from strangers in the crowd. But she just can't hide from the mysterious mask maker of the Hysy ArtMask Studio himself. ...
  • nishiki
  • tokyoghoul
  • tokyo
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Tokyo's Dragon by Ramennoodles97
Tokyo's Dragonby Night night
•TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED• Going by the alias "Devil's Dragon", you are a SS rated ghoul. You wear a black dragon mask representing your name. Known as a cruel...
  • fantasy
  • tokyo
  • ayato
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The Phoenix (Tokyo Ghoul x Reader) {Book 1} by dude_bro620
The Phoenix (Tokyo Ghoul x Reader) DudeBro
One day, a kind ghoul saw a human child walking around in the 13th Ward looking for a place to stay. The ghoul, of course, wouldn't want to let her die. So he, being the...
  • manga
  • otaku
  • tokyo
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Ghoul At Cross Academy (Tokyo Ghoul / Vampire Knight) by DeadOtaku13
Ghoul At Cross Academy (Tokyo Loki
Misaki Kuro, sent to Cross Academy by Yoshimura, thinks the school is just like any other until she finds out the night class are all vampires. Struggling to keep her tr...
  • anime
  • zero
  • kaname
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Obsidian Butterfly | Hunter X Hunter Fanfic by The_Red_Line
Obsidian Butterfly | Hunter X X
Greetings humans. I am terribly sorry for the fact that this fan fiction, created by the author, has no description. The author forbade me of spoiling any distinct deta...
  • ghoul
  • gon
  • killua
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Sky of Glass - Tokyo Ghoul [Reader x Hide] by DarkWings73
Sky of Glass - Tokyo Ghoul [ Däerkling 73
In this fanfiction, you are the twin of Kaneki! You've grown up with him and have hung out with his friends before, including Hide. Over time, you form a special relatio...
  • tokyo
  • nagachika
  • glass
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Fallen Angel✔| Ayato Kirishima X Reader BOOK 1 by Abagain
Fallen Angel✔| Ayato Kirishima X Abagain
You're the only human worth saving-Ayato Kirishima _ Ayato hated the humans with a burning passion. They ripped away his father from him, they all deserved to die. That...
  • kaneki
  • hinami
  • nishiki
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Coffee Beans //Todoroki x Male!ghoul!reader! by Briana_Cita
Coffee Beans //Todoroki x Male! Cita_
Todorkoi x Male Ghoul Reader ~~ Y/n was a happy child in till the pro hero came, burning his house down along with taking down his parents, not to mention CCG still afte...
  • allmight
  • tokoyami
  • tsyu
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I Can't Love A Ghoul (Juuzou x reader) by pandagirlforeve
I Can't Love A Ghoul (Juuzou x Jessica
Who thought it would end like this? Who thought you would love a....a human. Should you reveal the truth? Or should you not? A/n, I know Juuzou proberly couldn't do what...
  • ghoul
  • juuzou
  • cgg
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Bites || Uta {Book 1} by MarnieeD
Bites || Uta {Book 1}by ✿_marniee_✿
(Y/n) is a ghoul who would rather not be a ghoul. Uta is a ghoul who wants her back to the ghoul she was. Can he help her restore what she once was?
  • kaneki
  • tokyoghoul
  • ghoul
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KANEKIxREADER (finished) by asianaegi
KANEKIxREADER (finished)by belle :)
You're a human and Kaneki a human but also a ghoul. You've liked him ever since you first met him. But an untold mystery about you stumbles upon your future and a Kaneki...
  • kanekixreader
  • tokyoghoul
  • plzread
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Love At First Bite  {Kaneki x Reader} by Phantomhive_Butler
Love At First Bite {Kaneki x Natsu Dragneel's Mate
You were a human. He was part ghoul. You were weak. He was powerful. You were attacked. He saved you. He was desperate.... You were his meal. {WARNING: SPOILERS!}
  • tokyoghoul
  • feels
  • kaneki
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[Hiatus] Anubis | Tokyo Ghoul X Reader by LostKilljoy_
[Hiatus] Anubis | Tokyo Ghoul X Trashy
Anubis, the name people all over Tokyo are scared of. Anubis is a well-known ghoul who is a big problem with the CCG. No one, not even other ghouls, knows the true ident...
  • death
  • fanfiction
  • kanekiken
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kaneki ken / haise sasaki one-shots by teafawn
kaneki ken / haise sasaki one-shotsby xox
hello & welcome ! this is a haise sasaki / kaneki ken tokyo ghoul :re fanfiction book ! i do not own any tokyo ghoul characters - sui ishida does and he is my drawing se...
  • ken
  • japan
  • haisesasaki
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Left a mother - Kaneki X Reader X Haise by rose_gold
Left a mother - Kaneki X Reader rose_gold
You want what ever mother would want, a happy family where the kids can greet their dad when he comes home from work, where the wife gives the husband 'welcome home' kis...
  • ghoul
  • kanekiken
  • fanfiction
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Modified (Uta x Reader) by Katjaface
Modified (Uta x Reader)by Katjaface
Book 2 of the Mo-ified series! Baggage, body mods and a baby. Those three words describe your life right now. Normally, that would repel anyone who might even be remotel...
  • utaxreader
  • singlemother
  • fanfiction
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"Pretty.." Juuzou Suzuya x Reader by MarIIeCares
"Pretty.." Juuzou Suzuya x Readerby Marie Korimoro
Updated 10/1/18 --- Ranked #1 for Juuzousuzuya. Ranked #2 for Juuzouxreader. Ranked #14 for Tokyoghoul. "I don't think you get it." I gave out a nonchalant sta...
  • touka
  • juuzousuzuya
  • xreader
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Anime One Shots - Male Inserts by partywizard
Anime One Shots - Male Insertsby wendy
I've just fallen in love with you. what is your name, and please tell me you're gay?
  • maleinserts
  • oneshots
  • tokyo
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Heart of a human. Eye of a ghoul. (Tokyo ghoul/ various x reader :P) by withoutaduck
Heart of a human. Eye of a With/withoutaduck
This story was taken down for a while, it's honestly not my best work. It was my first and written on a whim. I thought I might just release it anyways, I hope you enjoy...
  • kanekixreader
  • ayatoxreader
  • kaneki
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