This Wild Love (BTS Suga Fanfic) by RealmSky
This Wild Love (BTS Suga Fanfic)by SugaLovah ♡
Y/N's life takes a drastic turn when she runs into an ass-kicking lil meow meow and six other dastardly, dangerous, handsome shapeshifting guys. Yoongi x Reader // Shape...
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Bts Cats by BTSTaekook97
Bts Catsby
Bts + cats = cuteness overload/heart attack. A story in which Bts turns into cats and wonder the streets. Y/N finds these cats and adopts them. Over time she finds out t...
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Just A Box (cat! black butler x modern! reader) by unacceptable_af
Just A Box (cat! black butler x Flower Trash
(Y/n) (L/n). You are just a regular high schooler, well you were before you found seven fluffy cats in a box. Suddenly, you weren't alone anymore. Let's be clear, your p...
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Forbidden (Neko Drarry) by ishiptoomuchyaoi
Forbidden (Neko Drarry)by ?
Very few people would ever expect the famous Harry Potter to be part cat. He tries to keep that fact quiet, but eventually someone discovers this secret. Unfortunately...
  • gay
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Warrior cats x reader by -_norway_-
Warrior cats x readerby iamseacretlyallama
I do not own warriors of the pics I don't do custom characters like specifics but send requests for characters Send requests for main character and not random ones
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Warrior Cats: Striped savage book 1 by Saigge16
Warrior Cats: Striped savage book 1by Saigge16
Runningkit, Goldenkit, and Volekit are destined for a great change in the clans. The kick off to a series of epic proportions, transforming the expectation of those arou...
  • warriors
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  • voleeye
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In the Year of the Cat (Queen or Freddie Mercury Fanfic) by sallyjay4
In the Year of the Cat (Queen or Sally Jay
Worried she'll fail psychology and ruin her GPA, a young college girl named Julia agrees to be the guinea pig for a secret experiment - and accidentally winds up in 1977...
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Cub Raising Association by LeoTranslations
Cub Raising Associationby LeoTranslations
Title: Cub Raising Association Original title: 幼崽护养协会 Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shounen Ai Length: 130 chapters Author: 酒矣 Translator: Leo Translations Translated from...
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The People Who're Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead by dummyt
The People Who're Supposed To dummy
Author: 酒矣 Alternative Name: 《说好要杀我的人都看上我了[快穿]》 This is a novel translation by me Total chapters: 123 For faster/quicker updates head over to S...
  • cat
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Kuroo Tetsuro x reader - Heart throb by yukisass
Kuroo Tetsuro x reader - Heart Yukisass
(I'll write this in later)
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  • wattys2017
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This is a CATastrophy! (Black Butler x Reader) by SlytherinGurl66
This is a CATastrophy! (Black SlytherinGirl
When you find a box of kittens on the sidewalk, you decide to take them in. When you do, your life become much more interesting in good, bad, and romantic ways...
  • ốc
  • kittens
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Crush x Reader One Shots by onceuponthelife
Crush x Reader One Shotsby Neverland
Umm... how did you even get here? Well, welcome to my story! Feel free to read, comment, vote and request. And don't mind me, I'll just be here, in this corner, eating N...
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Abbernathy and the Cat Kingdom by OctaviaLocke
Abbernathy and the Cat Kingdomby Octavia Locke
One girl. Two cats. A world full of adventure. Abbernathy Tells was a twelve year old girl who preferred the companionship of her two cats and a dying tree over ot...
  • magic
  • ultimatecontest
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Hurricane's Art Book #1; The Cringe is Real by Hurricane_Senpai
Hurricane's Art Book #1; The H u r r i c a n e
Cover Art By Me! If you truly desire to be blown away by cringe, I'd recommend viewing the first few chapters. Thus, giving this book its name; The Cringe is real. I wil...
  • hurricane
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art book 12 !! by praiiise
art book 12 !!by ❤︎
somehow ??? already ???????
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Little Den // Art Book 4 by Cascading_Shadows
Little Den // Art Book 4by cascade
// My little den of art and warmth and bliss // Hiya! Thank you so, so much for checking this book out! I'm just a young aspiring artist with high expectations haha. The...
  • positivity
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Warrior Cats x Reader by LilaTheLoner
Warrior Cats x Readerby Ginze
I love Warrior Cats! The best thing about it is all the fanfiction that gets written about it! So, I see people do this, I'll try it and see how things go! I started fir...
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Tomb Raider: Lara Croft x Futa Neko Cat by Zillaworld
Tomb Raider: Lara Croft x Futa ZillaWorld
(I do not own Tomb Raider or any of the characters) Story takes place in the Tomb Raider game from 2013.
  • sisters
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Don't meow me » taekook  by imtaeriggered
Don't meow me » taekook by ┬┴┬┴┤ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)├┬┴┬┴
Jungkook becomes a cat. top!kookie bottom!tae
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Neko-Boy X Reader ~ A 'Little' Secret by XxxiMaGiNaTiOnxxxX
Neko-Boy X Reader ~ A 'Little' heartbroken and dying
So... You find this little golden-furred kitten in your backyard while it's raining, looking sick and pitiful. So what do you do? Of course, you don't leave it out in th...
  • cats
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