35. Once A Heartless.. Always A Heartless

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Hlo darlings

WARNING :- You might commit a murder after reading this chapter.


Some things are meant to be the way they are. Days change, months change, years change, time changes, weather changes but those things remain the same. Like these things was this heartless man. The man with those extremely handsome features, fair skin and a black, full of arrogance heart. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Anika looked at him and his guard with God knows what emotion in her eyes and he as well, stared at her with an unknown emotion. He prayed that the emotion in her eyes shouldn't be hatred that he somewhere knew it was. Whereas she was still trying to decipher that look in his eyes that was actually love and fear. Only if she knew that.

"Ani -- " before he could take her name, she showed him her palm to stop him.

"How fake can you be, Shivaay Singh Oberoi ?" Asked Anika as she stepped towards him.

"Stop." She said to Khanna as he was about to leave.

"When you can plan to spy on me after discussing it with him then why can't you listen to me when I'm discussing the same ?" Asked Anika and Khanna looked helpless. He felt so sad that he couldn't do anything to make Anika understand that his boss wasn't doing anything wrong. More than that he felt empathetic for him. How painful it must be for him to see hatred in her eyes.

"Anika you're getting me wrong. I was --" Shivaay tried to explain his side of the story but he stopped as she chuckled sarcastically and the tear that fell from her left eye just left him speechless. Beyond her tears he could see nothing.

"You were what ? Let me tell you. You were just ordering your guard to keep an eye on me because Tej Singh Oberoi is back, right ?" Anika said.

"Keep an eye on Tej, I'll look after Anika."

She recalled his words as she felt helpless. What she could do to do to tell him that she was never in touch with Tej Singh Oberoi and she has nothing to do with him.

"You're mistaken, Anika. I said this, I know but you're interpreting it in a completely wrong way." Shivaay explained as he stepped closer to her and she took a step back.

"I've learnt it from you, Mr. Oberoi. Isn't it your habit to misinterpret everything ?" Anika looked at him with an accusing glare.

"I know you don't like me, Anika. You're right. I had made your life a living hell. It was the biggest mistake of my life to misunderstand you. But now, I trust you more than I've trusted anyone ever. But I don't trust that man. I don't want him to harm you. You don't know -- " Shivaay stopped when Anika laughed at him.

"I don't know what ? I do know Tej Singh Oberoi. I know you too. And you know what, Tej Singh Oberoi is thousand times better than you because he shows what he is. He isn't fake like you." Anika spat with so much of hatred that it stung him like a thousand daggers.

Khanna looked at her, sheer shocked from the way she was speaking. She was so angry that she herself didn't know what she was saying. His boss had made mistakes, but he wasn't that bad as she just labelled him to be. He took a step towards her to stop her but his boss' silent glare stopped him. He couldn't stand there anymore being a silent spectator whole she insulted the man he respects the most. He could stand there being helpless, so he stepped out of the corridor where they were standing.

"You know, your hatred and your doubts have made me believe I don't deserve respect. I think I'm actually a slut. May be I am meant to be someone's mistress." Anika shouted.

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