Your Venom - Chapter Sixteen

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"Before her death she sent a letter to her clan, asking they guarded the child, helping them along when they changed and asking them to teach the child the ways of the vampires. She also warned of the danger the child posed, asking the clan to train them, but she also warned of the vampires who would conspire against the child, knowing that other clans would try and take the child and make them work for their side, dominating the world. She knew that her grand daughter would be wanted, and she wanted nothing more than for her grand daughter to be protected.

"It doesn't take a genius to work out who the first grand daughter is" Seth finishes, looking at me pointedly. The seriousness of his tone has me hooked and persuaded, but something inside me tells me that this cannot be real.

"Vampire's don't exist" I breathe and Seth sighs.

"They do, Lexie. I'm one, my parents are too, even Meadow and Dustin! Everybody in this house is a vampire!" Seth says, a pleading in his eyes for me to believe him.

"I'm not a vampire. I'm not! I'm a normal human!" I say, starting to panic and get angry again.

"Lexie, please just believe me" Seth replies, holding my hand and I tear it away, standing up and backing towards to door.

"This has gone too far! This is a stupid joke and nobody is laughing! Don't even bother telling me to believe you! This is stupid! Vampire's don't exist!" I practically shriek.

"Lexie-" Seth starts, but he is interrupted.

"What was Eddie doing then? I take it he was in on this joke, too, according to you. He was hunting, Lexie, you were the hunted!" Dustin says.

"I don't know what he was doing, maybe he was in on the joke, make it even more convicing!" I shrug.

"You're not going to accept this easily, are you?" Meadow asks and I shake my head.

"I'll never accept a lie. I've told enough, I think I know one when I hear one!" I say and the door opens behind me, and I move forward, turning to face whoever has entered.

The man is lean and strong, confident in his stride as he walks into the room, running his hand through his black hair as he keeps his eyes locked on mine. Fear runs down me as he refuses to look away from me, and I shoot a terrified look at Seth, who has jumped to his feet.

 "Who is this?" the man snaps, a small, terrifying smile on his lips as he studies me.

"Not her, Logan. Leave her alone, go hunt somebody else" Seth growls and Logan smirks.

"Why? Why bother when dinner has been brought to me?" Logan says, taking another step towards me. Seth leaps in front of me, pushing me behind him as Dustin jumps in too, pushing Logan against a wall, small growl from Logan as he tries to shake off Dustin. It looks like an easy fight between them, Logan is a strong man while Dustin is just a teenager, but Dustin keeps his grip on Logan, who's eyes are still on me.

"Get him out of here" Meadow says, walking over to me as Seth helps Dustin remove Logan from the room, who leaves kicking and growling, unable to get from the teenagers grip. "See? Now do you believe us?" Meadow asks and I fight for something to say.

"I don't want to" I sigh, the only thing I can find.

  Dustin and Seth come back into the room, slamming the door behind them. "Where is he?" Oscar asks.

"Red is sorting him out" Dustin says and Oscar sighs.

"I hope he isn't too hard on him, it is hard to resist" May worries, looking towards the door.

"Was that enough to convince you?" Seth asks and I shrug, still unsure. He rolls his eyes and starts to look irritated. "What else is it going to take? You've almost been dinner twice today!" Seth groans.

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