Chapter 33

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"D..Declan." I stumble in between breathes.

He ignores me continuing his tickling assault.

"D...D-Declan..please..." my arms flail in the air, I have no control over my body at the moment.

His hot breathe lingers near my ear, "You lied to me baby."

My stomach and throat ache from laughing so hard, "'t...b.braid."

He finally stops with a satisfied smirk. "I know."
Declan's POV:

Her hair is so soft, my fingers slowly intertwine in with her thick blonde locks. Her hair is like silk, shiny and sleek, but thick with volume. I separate it to three groups and no I don't know how to braid, but I move the strands anyway in every which direction. Soon my hands become entangled and her strands hold tight against my fingers.

Slowly I wiggle my fingers out. She's so precious, my Ellie. She's immaculate, and she's entirely mine.

I want to wrap her in bubble wrap, I want to chase her monsters away, I want to bandage her bruises, I want to be her protector. Always. This girl has brought me to a whole new level.

Here she sleeps soundly with her head in my lap, and she lookes everything like angel. Her features soft, her skin pale, her nose crinkled. Beautiful. Ella's beauty was remarkable, she didn't know it but everyone else did.

I hate seeing Ellie cry, finding her in the bathroom was like getting punched in the gut. Who in the world would bully my baby? She's was the most pure oblivious natured person you could ever meet. She wouldn't hurt a fly and yet some plastic emotionless bitch decided to hurt my Ellie's feelings.

I don't care who the fuck she is, whether she's obsessed with me or not. She crossed a line, a line that I will paint in bold so no one dares try to cross again. Everyone will know not to mess with Ellie, that I can promise. She's off limits.

My phone vibrates in the pocket of my jeans, Ellie stirs in her sleep. Gently I pull it out careful not to wake her. Wes....about fucking time.

Holding Ellie's head I slowly stand up and softly place her head down on the couch. Beautiful. So fucking beautiful. Shaking my head I take one last look before making my way towards the balcony.


I hear shuffling on the other end, "Today Declan, it's time."

Glancing back at Ella I run my hands through my hair. I'm doing this for her I need her to be safe. "Are you sure?"

"A hundred percent"

My hands begin to moisten due to the tight grip on my phone. It's time, I have to do it. Ella won't like this, not one bit. If Wes says it time then it's time, I trust him and I trust his dad.


I hear more shuffling before, "And Declan."

What now? "Yeah?"

He hesitates before saying, "Don't tell her."

My throat tightens. I know I can't tell her because she'll want to stop it, I hate keeping secrets from her, but this is one I have to keep. Hanging up the phone I shove it into my pocket. Today.
Ella's POV:

Shivers shake my body awake. A slight draft chills the room causing those little white bumps to emerge on my milky skin. Lazily my eyes edge open, and I immediately recognize the essence of clean crisp air. Okay weird? Rubbing my knuckles into my eyes, I attempt to rid myself of grogginess.

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