Chapter 5

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Declan's POV:

I walk into school and see her. Her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders. It's hard not to notice her, she lights up the room. She's walking over to a girl who I presume is her friend. She looks happy to see her. She doesn't even see me coming.

"Ellie wait up." I yell walking over to the innocent girl.

Her and her friend turn around to look at me. I smile at her. Ellie and her friend look at me with surprise.

"O-oh umm h-hey Declan." Her voice comes out shy. She has a Angels voice, it's so soft.

"Who's that Ella, and why didn't you tell me you were talking to a hot guy." The girl next to Ella says Putting her hand on her hip. Ella's friend was pretty for sure, but she had nothing when it came to Ella.

Instantly she blushes. Her blush is adorable. She's just so damn innocent. I just want to run my hand along her warm cheeks and touch her pink lips.

"Yah lil' one why didn't you tell your friend here that you were talking to a hot guy." I tease because I love it when her cheeks flush in color.

"Your on nickname basis?" Ellie's friends questions, "Well, I guess I'll give you guys some space." She smiles, "But Ella, your spilling all the details later."

Ellie gazes down, her cheeks are deep red in embarrassment. I smile at that, knowing I'm the cause of it. I don't know what it is about her but she's different, she's real.

"Oh Ellie, so innocent."

I watch as her little blonde brow furrows, she's thinking.

"Umm I should u-uhh get to class." She lets out, but won't meet my eyes.

"First period doesn't start for another ten minutes lil' one, come on I'll walk around with you." I smile wide, she looks at me for a second before deciding.

"A-alright." She gives in.

We start walking around the halls. I look over at her to see she's looking down. She's always looking down when she walks. It's almost like she just wants to disappear and doesn't want others to notice her. Just like when she bumped into me with her shopping cart, her eyes were down and when they finally glanced up she looked like she wanted to cry.

She starts to twiddle her thumbs which is an obvious nervous habit. It's kinda cute but it bothers me that she feels insecure. She doesn't deserve to feel that way and nobody should make her feel like that.

"Why do you always look down when your walking in public? Sure your shy but you shouldn't let that define you." I state the obvious because it honestly bothers me that she's looks so scared.

She stops in obvious shock. She wasn't expecting that.

"I d-don't know, I g-guess it's a habit." She responds which is only a half truth. But I don't push her to tell me, I get it.

Suddenly I feel the urge to do something about it. I lift my hand to her chin so shes looking at me.

"I see you and I see how you let your insecurities take over you." I say seriously "Don't let them."

With her chin in my hand, I can't help but notice of soft and smooth her skin is. I wanted to run my hands along her face.

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