Chapter 15

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Declan's POV:

Wes and I have been driving for a little over a hour now and we still have fourth five minutes left until we get their. I need to visit her, it's been along time since we have seen each other. Wes wanted to come and see her and plus she adores Wes.

It's a cloudy day with dark grey clouds. The temperature has dropped and it's chillier today. The sky looks like it's about to pore rain. Ella comes into my mind. I can imagine her playing out in the rain, stomping in puddles. I can see her hair tangled and wet while water slides down her flushed red cheeks. I can hear her giggling with a big beautiful smile.

Wes has the radio on flicking through the channels. He knows how much it annoys me when he can't just pick a song. So I reach over and turn it off. Wes folds his arms while looking at me and scuffs "Really, whats got your panties in a twist?"

I clench the steering wheel my knuckles turning white. "Pick a fucking song, or turn it off."

"Jeez, someone's grumpy." Wes reaches over and turns the radio back on. "It's because of her isn't it?" Wes says silently. I look over at him and then focus back on driving.

"How longs it been?" Wes asks.

"A couple of weeks, but she called last night and said she missed me." I answer and reach my hand into the center council. Picking up the package of cigarettes, I take one out and light it.

I breathe in the contaminated air feeling a sense of relief.

Wes nods in understanding. "Does she know your coming."

"No I want to surprise her." When she called last night she seemed upset, and I could hear her sniffling over the phone. I wish I could of been there to cheer her up. She told me she's all alone and has no friends.

Taking another swig of the cigarette, the tobacco along with the chemicals fill my lungs.

Wes seems to be deep in thought. He's looking out the window with a straight face. Hey I'm not complaining if it keeps him quiet for a little bit. He's my best friend but he certainly knows how to get on my nerves.

After ten more minutes we reach the town she lives in. It's a small community, kinda dull but safe. The houses are decent sized with a good amount of land around them.

I flick the cigarette out the window and watch the road.

"Does Ella know about her?" Wes asks.

"Not yet, I don't know how to tell her." I say honestly. Wes gives me a small smile.

"Do you think she's outside, you know how much she loves the out doors."

"I don't know, we'll see in a minute." We pull onto her road. We pass my a small park with a playground and swings. The playground is old and the paint is chipping. Nobody's there probably because it looks like it's about to storm. But as I pass by I can hear the creaking sound of the swaying swings from the breeze.

We pull into her drive way, a white ranch style home with a medium sized oak wood porch. Through the windows I can see the dining room lights on. I park the car and get out. Wes does the same and we walk to the door together. I knock three times and take a step back. After about a minute the wooden door opens and my aunt smiles at us.

"Declan, I wasn't expecting you."

"I would have called but I wanted to surprise Riley."

My aunt opens the door wide and lets us in. "Oh well come in, she's in her room." I walk down a long white hall filled with multiple picture frames hanging up. Wes follows me and then we reach Riley's door. I knock twice softly and then open the door. I walk in and Riley's sitting at her window seat drawing. She look over at me and her eyes widen.

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