Chapter 23

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"Baby please." He begs sounding broken. My heart brakes and I can't take it anymore, I slowly stand up and unlock the door. I slide back down against the wall and hug myself. I can't stop crying.

He throws the door open and rushes in. He leans down next to me, pulling me to him.

"I'm sorry." He whispers. "I'm so sorry."

I don't say anything. He brushes my tears away and says. "I'll figure something else out."
Declan's POV:

I hold Ella's small frame tight to me but gentle, she's so fragile. I upset her, I upset the one person who I never want to hurt. Her body trembles under me and I whisper sweet things to her.

Why am I such an idiot? Why do I always say something stupid? The pain on her face when I told her I would handle it. She looked scared, she was so scared of me getting hurt.

I take her hands in mine and rub small circles on her thumbs. "I'm sorry" I whisper. She buries her head into my chest. Her long wavy hair is all tangled, covering her pretty face. I brush her hair back and place a kiss on her forehead.

I sit on the bathroom floor holding her tight to me. I would stand up and bring her to the sofa, but I know she needs me right now. I know she's need the reassurance that I'm going to be okay, that I will never leave her.

God I love her so much. I felt horrible after getting mad at her earlier, after making her cry. I should have given her more time to tell me, but me being me I wanted to know, I wanted to know why she's so closed off.

When she told me my whole chest tightened. She didn't deserve to go through that, it wasn't her fault. She is so innocent and it kills me that she's feels the way she does.

She effects me in ways no one else can. But when she smiles, oh...when she smiles. I love when she smiles only at me. It's like she has created her own perfect smile just for me.

I would do anything for her and she doesn't even know it. I would climb mountains and build bridges to make her happy. She wasn't the one, she was the only one.

She was my Ella, my beautiful Ella. Nobody will have the chance to hurt her again, I won't let them.

She was the one person who cares about me like no one else does. I tell her my wrongs, but in her eyes she only sees me as right. I know now that I can't live without her, she was my world.

I stand up holding Ella bridal style. She clings to me and I walk out of the bathroom to the living room. I sit down in couch and that's when she brings her head up to look at me. Tear stains cover her cheeks. Her bright blues eyes are all red and puffy. Her lips have a slight pout to them.

"I-I can't lose y-you." She mumbles into my chest.

I lift her head, "You will never lose me." She shakes her head and holds her thin arms around me. I run my fingers through her tangled hair, her hair is so soft. She's smells like vanilla and coconut, her smell is intoxicating.

"I want ice cream." I whisper close to her ear. Her cheeks flush with color and her beautiful smile light up on her lips. I stare at her plush lips.

Her head lifts to look at me. I love that I brought back that bright smile to her face. "Me to."

I pad my thumb across her heated cheeks. She seems to go redder and my own smile forms. I lean in close to her ear. "Then let's go get some lil' one." Her body stiffens by my closeness.

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