Chapter 29

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Ella's POV:

Being with Riley and Declan for the weekend was the like a never ending roller coaster. It was beyond fun. Our weekend consisted of, movie marathons, pillow fights, hide and seek, board games, ice cream sundaes, dancing contests (Riley and Declan danced while I was the judge), and tea parties (for Riley, Declan complained the whole time).

My voice is croaky and is currently lost. I laughed so hard to the point where my throat started to ache. Riley's high strung attitude made my whole weekend. Her and Declan were practically bouncing off the walls, and Riley was having the the time of her life.

Declan is really the cutest when it comes to Riley, she was so sad when she had to go home. It broke my heart as she cried into Declan's shirt telling him she didn't want to go. By the look on Declan's face he didn't want her to go either, and he's not very good with goodbyes.

When we brought Riley home she gave me a tight squeeze and even gave me a kiss on the cheek. This little girl makes my heart swell. Before we left she told me she that I was one of her best friends and she couldn't wait to see me again.

But now that the weekends over I have to face going back to school. I don't want to think about it but it's all I can think about. Knowing I have to go back makes stress and anxiety curl up in my limbs. I can feel as my chest becomes heavier and my emotions spike.

I hate it, I hate feeling this way. When I get stressed I get emotional and end up crying. Even though I try so hard to stay calm, I never can. My body becomes shaky and nervousness swallows me whole.

I know it's only been a week but it seems like it's been an eternity. Slipping into my bed I lay my head down and turn off the lamp. My brain goes haywire and worries and thoughts creep in. Is it just me or when you go to bed all you can do is think, you think about if you might of forgot to do something or a song or something gets stuck in your head. And since your going to bed the song is on replay and you can't fall asleep.

Well that's me.
The loud creak of my door has me stirring in my sleep. I turn over and try to snuggle back into my pillow. Something soft tickles my cheek so I try turning over so it stops. But the tickling goes down my neck making my cheeks warm. My eyes flutter open to see what's tickling me.

Declan's leaning over me peppering kisses all over my face and my neck. His forest green eyes stare intently into mine. "Good morning beautiful."

My skin flushes with warmth and I croak out, "Morning." He kicks off his shoes and gets under the covers next to me. After he pulls me into his chest.

"What time is it." I whisper closing my eyes and leaning my head on him. The sound of his steady heart beat fills my ears.

He wraps his arms around my frame and leans his head against mine, "Four."

In my sleepy state I process what he said slowly. Four? School doesn't start till eight and I don't get up until six. "What are you doing here?" I mumble softly. Not that I'm complaining.

"My teddy bear was missing." He mumbles into my hair.

A soft giggle escapes my lips. "Did you find it?"


I tilt my head up to looks at him. In the dark I see his green eyes and the outline of his sharp jaw. "Where was it?" I ask softly.

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