Chapter 26

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Ella's POV:

Being at my house and seeing my mom has a cloud of calmness washing over me. Stress and worry have been eating me alive but right now seeing her has blown it away.

She sits at the dining room table with a cup of coffee in her hand reading the newspaper. Her eyes look wary and dark circles loom under them. My heart clenches seeing her look so lifeless.

I've haven't seen her in five days and she looks horrible. Opening the front door I take a step in and bring my gaze to her. She's up and out of her seat in seconds rushing over to me.

She envelopes me in a warm crushing hug. I lean into her. "Ella *sniffle*, why didn't you tell me." She looks up at me with her blue orbs reflecting mine. "In the've had me worried sick." Her eyes are sad as they scan me over making sure I'm not hurt.

I can't meet her eyes anymore, I feel ashamed. I should of called her myself personally and talked to her, I should of reassured her. But I couldn't bring myself to, I was scared that hearing her voice would make me loose it and tell her everything so I didn't call, Declan did.

"I-I'm sorry." I mumble keeping my eyes on the floor feeling pressure building up behind them.

She hugs me more tightly. "Shh I know, you scared me half to death, y-you can't do that again okay." She chokes out. "I-I thought someone had t-taken you."

I can't say anything, I suddenly can't speak. Guilt washes over me for lying. I cant tell her that I was taken, so instead I hug her back staying silent.

Declan stands in the doorway watching us. His eyes watch me, full of regret and I can tell he's apologizing with his eyes. He knows how hard it is for me to lie.

She grabs my arm and leads me over to the table sitting down. She finally takes her eyes off of me and they land on Declan. Her blue orbs swirl with thoughtfulness and appreciation.

She walks over to him and takes him in her arms. I sit still stunned, my mother almost never hugs anyone but her family. Declan watches me as he wraps his arms around her.

"My baby came to you, you've taken care of her and I have no words." She pauses thinking over what she's saying. "You've changed her life, you make her happy and I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for that." She looks him in the eye with acceptance.

He then looks at my mom and speaks. "Ma'am I love your daughter and would do anything for her, she's my world."

My heart races, my stomach dances, my eyes water.

"I know." She responds and whispers something into his ear before taking a step back. He nods his head and then looks at me with that charming smile. What did she whisper to him?

He comes over to me and kisses my forehead. "I see you later lil' one, I love you."

The way he says I love you makes my body feel like liquid lava, I feel as though I melt every time he says it.

He opens the door sending me one last boyish grin and then leaves. I bring my attention back to my mother and notice she was watching us. A small smile creeps up on her lips. What is with people giving me that look?

"W-what?" I ask awkwardly.

Her smile brightens. "You guys, you have something that no one else has." She says quietly.

I don't know what to say. But her words go straight to my heart. My face becomes a shade darker and I can't help but smiling widely like a kid who just got a lollipop.

Changing the subject a question slips through my lips before I can control it. "Is Julian like that with you." My eyes grow bigger realizing what I just said. Why would I say that, I'm so stupid.

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