Chapter 17

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Ella's POV:

Meeting Declan's sister has been the highlight of week. She was absolutely adorable. Her and Declan had some of the same features. It kinda makes me wonder what his parents look like.

It's been a few days since I seen Declan. I haven't seen him since the day I met his little sister. He hasn't showed up in school and neither has Wes which makes me a little worried.

The only thing I heard from Declan was when he texted me in the mornings saying that he had something come up and wouldn't be in school. So when I got those texts these last three days I went to school on the first day Declan wasn't there but my anxiety got the best of me. After on the second and third day I stayed home.

Olivia has been coming over after school with my work. She would go over it with me and then we would hangout after. I thanked her and told her how grateful I was for her getting all of my work. She just said that's what best friends are for.

Last night we actually went on a three mile run for the first time in a long time together. It was Olivia's idea she said it would help with my stress. We ended up the running backroads for twenty five minutes.

I'm little sore today despite the fact that I have been running every couple of days. It's probably because sometimes I skip stretching because I don't have the patience to do it.

Today's my third day of not going to school and Declan's fourth day not being there. I got the same text this morning. I was worried before but just ended up brushing it off. Today was different though, I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I can't shake. I want to know why he hasn't been there.

After about ten minutes debating whether I should text him or not I do.

'Are you okay?' Was all I send, three simple words. There must be some reason he's not been going to school. I stare at my phone waiting for him to text back.

A couple of minutes later my phone buzzes 'Why, are you worried about me lil' one?' I should have expected Declan to reply with a question about him. But I am worried about him.

'Obviously.' I send back not really caring how it sounds. He has no right to ask me that question when he hasn't told me told me anything which is what causes me to worry.

'Are you giving me attitude again Ellie? Twice in one week, although I do like that your worried about me.' He replies. I can practically see the smirk on his face. My body temperature heats up, and my palms become sweaty. How can one person make me feel this way?

I don't really know what to say back but I want a real answer not a sarcastic one. 'You still didn't answer my question.' Two minutes go by and I get more nervous by the second.

Finally my phone buzzes once again. 'I'm fine, just busy.' I let out a relived breathe even though his answer was vague. I want to know what's up but I know if I ask him now he won't tell me.

So I reply back. 'Okay, when will you not be busy?' It took me a lot of courage to say that.

'Your full of questions today, do you miss me that much?'

'No, just wondering?' I type back laughing. I wish I could see his reaction once he reads this.

'Oh Ellie lets see how confident you are tonight in person.' And just like that my confidence wears off. I gulp, he coming to see me tonight? I don't reply back and instead turn on my Tv and lay in my bed all comfy.

I'm currently flicking through the channels on Tv looking for something new to watch. Then I see the movie twilight pop up. I haven't seen that movie in forever so I click on it.   In my opinion Bella should be with Jacob not Edward even though Bella's and Edwards baby is so cute.

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