Chapter 34

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Wes pulls to the side of the pot holed road. I stay where I am behind the trees out of sight so they can't see me. Wes opens his door first and then Declan.

Declan walks around the truck and Wes stops him. They exchange a few words and hand gestures before grabbing a bag out of the truck. Then they walk around the back of the building to where I can't see them anymore.
Ella's POV:

My heart hammers in my chest. This is scary and the worst part is I don't have Declan by my side. He's in the middle of the danger, so is Wes. What in the world are they thinking.

Declan was shaken before he left, any blind person could tell that. That look he gave me, those glossy eyes, and the words he had said are like a never ending memory on replay. My heart feels torn open, I never wanted Declan to be in any kind of danger, not him not the boy I love more then life itself.

I can't, I can't lose him. Not now not ever. Inhaling I remove my clammy hands from the steering wheel and turn off the engine. Releasing a breathe I count to ten before opening my door and and climbing out. Slowly and cautiously I shut the door wanting to be as quiet as possible.

Patting my back pocket I make sure my phone is in place just in case. My eyes glance around the barren perimeter soaking it in, in case I have to run and hide. My feet carry me across the road as the hair on my arms sticks straight up. My stomach twists in uncomfortable knots.

Steadily I approach the rundown building on high alert. Old soda cans, candy wrappers, and half smoked cigarettes surround the ground. Leaves crunch under my feet. Big garbage cans overflow with trash. Stacked wooden crates are up against the wall of this ginormous building.

What is this place? As I get closer to the building the low hum of voices meet my ears. What's going on in there? Why did Declan and Wes bring a bag with them? Is this some kind of drug deal? No it can't be Declan said he was done with that and I believe him.

A cold breeze stings my cheeks as I stop at the corner of this supposed deserted factory. Holding my breath I listen and barely peek around the corner, not wanting to get caught if someone is there.

There is in fact someone there standing outside a propped open door smoking a cigarette. Tall, I thought Declan was tall but this guy was massive. He was wearing all black with a patch I couldn't quite make out on the side of his jacket.

I quickly pull my head back out of view and cover my mouth from a gasp that I so badly want to make. My heart goes wild in my chest and my hands begin a slight tremble. I need to pull myself together before I give myself away because if I get caught I'm done for.

What am I going to do, I don't have a plan. But Declan's in there and I won't leave him, he needs to be safe and right now he's not. He's not safe and I need to fix it, I need him to be in my arms murmuring sweet things in my ear. I need him to tell he's never going to leave me. And most of all I need to hear him tell me everything's going to be okay, that he loves me and he won't let me go.

I need to hear him call me his lil' one. I shake the trembles out of my hands and stuff my hands into my pockets. I need to see what's happening and I obviously can't barge in through the back door with that jumbo guard.

There's always another way in. Turning around I carefully walk along the grey musty walls of the building searching for another way in. I'm careful not to step on any crunchy leaves or noisy soda cans.

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