Chapter 16

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Ellas POV:

I've been so bored this weekend not gonna lie. I love the weekends and having time to my self but Declan has clouded my mind all day. I've been watching Netflix this whole time but can't seem to pay attention. I try to concentrate on my show but all I see is his entrancing eyes that light up when he smiles.  Goosebumps shroud my skin just thinking about him and the way he makes me feel. I have never met someone who consumes my mind the way he does.

I have to turn of my show so I can take a minute to focus and quiet my racing mind. I have already lost my place and have to find the spot that I was last paying attention to. For once I want to go to school, not because I like school but because I want to see him.

My phone vibrates on my nightstand next to my bed. I pick it up and I have a message from Declan. 'I miss you.'

What, did I read that right? I take a second and stare at my phone. I read it over again slowly to make sure I'm not imagining it. But I read it right, my mind isn't messing with me. Declan said he misses me. Does that mean he like wants to see me. What am I supposed to say back? My mind is racing my hands are sweaty and my heart feels like it's go to explode. He really just said he misses me. My hand hovers over the keyboard. I go to type but I don't know what to say.

After about five minutes sitting and debating what to say I just type. 'Me to.'

I send it quickly before I have a chance to regret it. After it's sent I realize how stupid my response was. I should of said that I missed him to, not just 'me to' .

I put my head in my hands and try to calm my racing heart. I can feel my pulse in my head that's how nervous I am. After about two minute my phone beeps. I wait a couple nervous minutes then I look at the awaiting text message.

'Good, I'll pick you up in five.' Oh my goodness he's picking me up. I haven't showered and my hair isn't brushed, not to mention I'm in sweat pants.

Next thing I know the door bell rings and I'm not even ready. I hear my mom open the door. "Ella sweetheart, you have a visitor." My mom says.

"You can go right on up honey." I hear my mom say. "Thank you ma'am." Declan says with his boyish charm.

"Okay, I'll be right down." I yell down to her. But I already here footsteps coming up the stairs while I'm currently digging through my dresser. My bedroom door creeks open and footsteps are heading right towards me.

I quickly scramble through all my clothes but when I get to a white shirt two hands grab my waist and spin me around. My skin instantly is flooded with heat, my cheeks are burning hot.

Declan's hot breath is right next to my ear and he whispers. "I'm glad you missed me." He then takes a piece of my hair and tucks it behind my ear. I thought I was hot before but now I'm on legit fire, I think I'm going to melt.

"No need to be shy lil' one."

"I-I'm n-no-not." I say squirming under his heated gaze. We're so close, practically touching.

"I love the affect I have on you." He says chuckling. I look down not knowing how to react.

"Are you ready to go?" Declan asks.

"Looking like this?" I say quietly. I haven't had time to change yet and I know I don't look the least bit attractive right now.

"Yah." He responds looking me over.

"But I look gross." I suddenly feel so self conscious.

Declan grabs my chin making me look at him. "You look beautiful in anything you wear whether it's a dress or if it's sweatpants." He pauses for a second "There's not one piece of you that is ugly." I'm lost for words, he thinks I'm beautiful?

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