Chapter 12

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Ella's POV:

I was released from the hospital this morning. I've been in there for three long miserable days. I've always hated hospitals along with the chemical smell that comes with it. It wasn't so bad when I had visitors to keep me company.

Declan spent the nights with me because he said he had things to do during the day. Olivia and my mom came during the day. Even Wes came once with Declan for a little while. Thomas only came the first day but he texted me to see how I was doing. I wasn't mad that he didn't really visit because he has a busy schedule.

When Wes came with Declan he brought me a hole bunch of junk food. He said it would make me feel better and I laughed. Declan didn't think it was funny though, he said it was packaged poison. Which made me and Wes laugh harder.

Thomas is driving me to school today because my mom said she didn't think it would be safe for me to drive. I tried to convince her that I would be fine and driving won't cause an attack to happen. But she wouldn't budge and said it wasn't up for discussion. So here I am in the passenger side looking out the window.

When we arrive at school, Thomas and I go our separate ways. I walk to my locker to do my normal routine. I bet I have a lot of work considering I was gone for three days. Hopefully people have already forgotten about about what happened at the football game and the attention won't be on me. Olivia said I was the hot topic this week, and I don't do well with interacting with others.

As I walk to down the hall with my head down, I can feel the burning gaze of everyone's eyes on my back. I try to think about something positive like my birthday to keep myself calm. Just one more hall and then I will be at my locker. I quicken my steps so I can get to the safety of my locker.

I reach my locker and let out a sigh of relief. I open it and get my things slowly. The longer I take to switch out my binders, the longer I don't have to face peoples questioning eyes. I send a quick text to Olivia asking her if she can meet me at my locker today. She immediately responds saying 'will do.". I didn't want wait for her where there  are lots of people.

My binders all in my bag so I turn around and bump into someone. It must be Olivia which is weird because she's early. Im about to say sorry to Olivia, but it's not Olivia, it's Wes.

"Morning Ella." Wes chirps happily. Thats weird Wes never greets me in the morning. "Hey Wes, what's up?" It comes out more like a question though.

"I came to walk you to class." I look at Wes confused. Why would he walk me to class.

"Uhh okay, where's Declan?"

"He's not here, he had something important to do. He should be here by lunch time though." Wes itch's his head. He must see my confusion and explains "Declan claimed he didn't want anybody making you feel uncomfortable and since he couldn't be here..." Declan would do that for me? A smile pulls at my lips that I can't control.

"Oh you don't have to, Olivia will be here any second." I say politely. "Are you sure." He asks examining me, probably making sure that I'm telling the truth. "I'm sure". Olivia shows up right on cue and stands next to me. She look at me and that's when I realize she doesn't know Wes.

"Hey Olivia, this is Wes." Olivia smiles and waves to him.

"Well I should probably go but it was nice meeting you Olivia, oh and Ella if something happens don't hesitate and call me." Wes hands me a small piece of paper with his number on it. I shake my head and appreciation and he walks away.

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