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Her Rock by Pelton02
Her Rockby Cheyanne
Ella, the shy girl who stutters. Declan, the boy who makes girls hearts flutter. To her he was the sun, to him she was the stars. Together they had a love like no other...
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The Biker Girl by MnMLex
The Biker Girlby MnMLex
Growing up in Fort Collins, Colorado, being a biker was definitely not uncommon. In fact, if you didn't have one member of your family own a motorcycle, you probably wer...
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Every Broken Part (Series) by writerinthedarks
Every Broken Part (Series)by writerinthedarks
"Every broken part of me is a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with all the broken parts of you." ~~~~~~~~~~ How would you feel if your entire life you were hi...
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His Lil Thug  by Chrisssssy002
His Lil Thug by C.Dollasss !
Read to Find out . . 💆🏾‍♀️
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All For you . .  by Chrisssssy002
All For you . . by C.Dollasss !
Sequel : R ide for you D ie for you. (Read That first)
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Crushing On Mr. CEO| BWWM✒(On Hold) by DemonChixk
Crushing On Mr. CEO| BWWM✒(On Hold)by ‎‏‏‎
|Highest Ranking #1 in mustread| |Highest Ranking #3 in mansion| |Highest Ranking #1 in sexy| "We're not supposed to be doing this Sebastian..." Sebastian pull...
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Poets Are Their Poems. by LunarEclipse0823
Poets Are Their Lunar Eclipse
The story of what's going on inside my head. It might be true, it may not be, It could be a wild ride. Be warned of emotions and thoughts As you'll see no rules to abide...
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"i think i'm in love" i said. by itzjoannex
"i think i'm in love" i itzjoannex
love[ luhv ] noun 1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. 2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or...
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Thug Fetish  by Chrisssssy002
Thug Fetish by C.Dollasss !
"Girl if I wanted you ..I could have you. You and I both know that."
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Growing Up - Pete Wentz Fanfic by xPollymuse
Growing Up - Pete Wentz Fanficby Sarah Smiles ♛
Part 1 of the "Growing Up"-Triology Charlotte Miller has never been known for being responsible or particularly mature. Meeting Pete on a night out at his club...
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unsaid by shivivivi
unsaidby .
'I wanted to speak oceans, but only told you a drop.' #itsnotaphase {Started on Jan 10, 2017} {Ended on April 1, 2018} #1 in poetry (when the ranks used to actually ma...
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The Boy with All the Right Words by rylie_lewis05
The Boy with All the Right Wordsby Rylie Lewis
**not finished updates coming soon** Julie needs to find out more about Lucas. Is he leading her on? Is he still in love with her? Does he love her? Read to find out.
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Broken, Inside-Out by my3mo3ch0
Broken, Inside-Outby My.3ch0
When a new kid shows up to the school that you go to with sweet smiles but has secrets like you... and more. Hazel gets feels for the new boy but as they say, looks are...
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A CHANCE FOR ME AND YOU (Completed) by mgld101
A CHANCE FOR ME AND YOU (Completed)by mgld101
People who are meant to be together find their way back, they may take a few detours, but they're never lost. ~unknown author Book 2 of ME and YOU ~A story about KissWa...
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To word️🖤 by Marce_linez
To word️🖤by Marce_linez
To it is my words for someone️🖤 Энэ бол миний үгс хэн нэгэнд... Заримд нь хараалын үг оруулсан бол уучлаарай! Би угаасаа хараал хэлдэг болохоор хараал бичихгүй бол амтг...
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Lorraine (Sequel To Wild Child) by AmybooW
Lorraine (Sequel To Wild Child)by Amyboo W
Lorraine Fowler is finally back after taking her gap year from Yale. She was 18 when she left. Now she is 19 and ready to face the two men she left behind. She has to...
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Make You Want Me by Passionate_You
Make You Want Meby Passionate_You
Shane or Jason... R16 mostly just passionate smut Would not suggest reading if you don't like sexually books, or you are one of my friends or family 😂 no seriously don'...
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Not my Girl by Caz-May
Not my Girlby Caz
Jessie Donaghey has it all. The looks, the knicker melting charm and the girl. But I'm not Jesse Donaghey, I'm his best mate Chad Matthews and I damn well want Jesse's g...
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Sophea's Jasmine Tea |茉莉的咖啡馆|みちこカフェ|ហាងកាហ្វេរបស់សោភា| by miso_ramen_
Sophea's Jasmine Tea |茉莉的咖啡馆|みちこカフ 丂ㄖ卩卄乇卂
"вaвy вaвy geυdaeneυn caraмel мaccнιaтo" Welcome to a Wattpad Virtual Cafe! {UPDATES AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK}
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Bughead Oneshots  by WTFtowle
Bughead Oneshots by WTFtowle
A selection of Cute Bughead Oneshots to melt your heart... as if bughead doesn't already tho ;)
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