Chapter 19

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Hi I just wanted to thank everybody who has read this far it means so much to me you don't even know. Please please please go check out my other book called "A story about a girl" Okay thank you!
Declan's POV:

"Are you okay Ellie." I ask. There was something off about her today. She seems nervous and is unusually skirmish. She won't even look at me, instead she just nods her head telling me she's fine.

We sit and watch her tv until I can't take it anymore. She's acting like a statue she won't move and won't even acknowledge me. It's almost like she's ignoring me. I roll over and pin her small arms above her head. God she's beautiful, every time I look at her I'm still stunned by her beauty. "What wrong?" I ask scanning her face looking for any indication of what's making her act this way.

"N-nothing." She mutters. Her eyes won't meet my gaze, she's looking everywhere but me. I want to know what wrong, why won't she just tell me so I can fix it? Did I do something to upset her? Suddenly I'm angry at myself.

"Ella tell me." I grit out. This girl does things to me I can't explain. I can't help but feel anger surge through my body.

"I-I can't." She says in a meek voice. Her deep blue eyes are beginning to fill with water. Did somebody hurt her, I swear if anybody touched what's mine I will kill them.

"Did somebody hurt you?" I ask trying so hard to keep it together.

Tears start pool out her eyes and she squeezes them shut like she's in pain. Oh Ella what happened. A dull ache forms in my chest, seeing her cry makes me feel like complete and utter shit. I did this, I scared her.

I get off of her and pull her light body onto my lap. Her hair is a mess and is all over her face. She instantly reacts and snuggles her head into my chest. I try to soothe her by rubbing her arms so she knows I'm here. "Shh I'm sorry." I whisper feeling guilty for making her feel worse.

"I want to tell you but I'm scared." She whispers very quietly.

"Ella you can tell me anything." And I mean it when I say it. I thought she trusted me. She hugs her thin arms around my waist. Her tears are starting to soak my shirt but I don't care.

"I know, but this is different." How is this different? I wouldn't ever judge her, I just want to fix it. It kills me seeing her like this. My sweet little angel looks so scared and I feel helpless.

"Different how?" I ask softly. I don't want to scare her more, I just want to be here for her.

But the last thing I expected was for her to say this."B-because I l-lo-love you." Those four simple words made me go completely still. For a second everything paused. She loves me. How can such a sweet girl like her love me. I have never felt so defenseless, I definitely wasn't prepared for that.

Then I realize I haven't said anything. She has been staring at me waiting for my reaction and I haven't said anything. Right now everything feels like slow motion. Ella gets up moving her way to get off the bed, tears are flowing down her big blue eyes. I'm so dumb.

Quickly before she's reaches the end of the bed I pull her arm back, spin her around, and smash my lips onto hers. Her eyes widen and she takes a minute to process what happening and then kisses me back. She tastes so good and I can't help but want more. We sit there for what seems like eternity and then pull away breathless. I have wanted to kiss her for so long.

I stare into Ellie's deep blue eyes and say. "I love you to lil' one." We hold each other's gaze taking each other in. She was the most gorgeous human I have ever seen. She was innocent and kind and absolutely amazing. And she was mine.

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