Chapter 11

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"I don't know, I-I thought you might be umm avoiding me since the other night." I twiddling my thumbs looking down in embarrassment.

"No Ellie you didn't do anything wrong. I have been busy that's why I haven't been in school. But I would never avoid you." Declan say reassuringly. He wraps his arms around me and gives me a hug. I hug him back and put my head on his chest.

"S-sorry." I mumble into his chest.

"Don't be." He says into my hair.
Ella's POV:

Declan still has his arms around me and my head is still in his chest. His warm embrace was soft but strong at the same time. Right now I don't care that he's all sweaty, being in is arms makes me feel safe and protected from the world.

"Ella?" I hear Thomas call confused. "What are you doing?"

I unwrap my arms from around Declan and turn to see Thomas standing there staring. Olivia is still here a couple feet away from me watching to. I feel heat from under my skin rising to the surface. My face feels like it's in fire. I hate being the center of attention, and everybody's eyes are on me.

"I-i was umm saying g-good game." I stutter looking like a complete fool. But I feel the need to explain myself. "I was l-looking for you to tell you 'good game', but I couldn't find you."

I see a flash of confusion and I think anger swirl through Thomas's eyes.

"It doesn't look like you were looking for me." Thomas sounds irritated. But I could feel he wasn't mad at me, he was glaring at Declan not me. Even though he wasn't mad at me I can feel my anxiety rising. People are staring at me and my hands start to shake.

"I w-was but then I remembered you were in the l-locker room and d-de-decided to tell you later." I sounded like a complete idiot but this is what happens when I'm put on the spot. I can't think clearly and my words become jumbled.

My heart beats rapidly in my chest. Thomas is trying to say something but I can't concentrate. Everybody's watching me. I can feel my body start to shake. I try to take a deep breath but no air is entering my lungs. I try to take a step but can't move. My visions flickers in and out then slowly and increasingly goes black.

Strong arms pick me up gently bridal style. I don't know who it is but I snuggle my head into their chest. I hear a faint "Shh, I'm here, it's going to be alright." My hands are trembling against the strong chest. "Your safe lil' one, I got you." I know now that Declan's holding me, he's the only one who calls me lil' one. I can't see anything and my body is frozen. But I can hear people talking.

"What's happening? Is she going to be alright?" I hear Olivia say in panic.

"This is all my fault." I hear Thomas mumble to himself. His voice is off I can't tell what he's feeling.

Then I can't hear anything, it's just black. I can't see and I can't hear. It's like I'm awake but trapped in the dark. I try to open my eyes but they are glued shut. I'm scared because I have lost all control of my body. Maybe I'm dead. My thoughts drift off and I think I fall asleep even though I'm already passed out.
I am in a heavy black cloud of nothingness. I'm being weighed down by the heaviness. I feel like I'm cemented in place. I don't remember anything. I hear something but I can't place it. I take a minute to concentrate, it sounds like the slight buzzing of machines. Where am I? The sound of wet shoes squeaking reaches my ears. Slowly I try to pry my eyes open but they are stuck. I take a minute to relax and then try again. It's a struggle but I manage to squint them open a crack. A bright white light immediately blinds my eyes. I snap my eyes back shut.

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