Chapter 28

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Ella's POV:

Declan and I walk up to Riley's house, me a couple strides behind him. Reaching the door, Declan raises his hand up and knocks throughly three times. We wait about ten seconds before the door slides open.

Declan's aunt stands behind the door and when she notices that it's us she opens the door wide.

"Declan, Ella." She greets with a warm smile. She walks over to Declan and envelopes  him into a tight embrace.

After she comes over to me and does the same. "It's nice to see you again Ella, are you keeping my nephew out of trouble?"

Declan winks and I chuckle returning the hug, "I try."

Pulling away she waves her hand at us, "Well come in come in I'll..."

She gets cut off when Riley yells "Auntie who's here?" Not waiting for her aunt to answer, she shoves past her and when she sees Declan she jumps into his arms.

A chuckle erupts from Declan's chest as he pulls her up into his arms and kisses her forehead. "Hey Riley girl."

"Decwen you've been gone swo wong." She snuggles into him holding him tight in her small arms. My heart flutters in my chest watching them. I love how much Declan cares for his little sister and how much Riley absolutely adores him.

"I know babygirl but I was thinking, if you're up to it we could have a sleepover at my place for the weekend. How does that sound?" He says to her like it's no big deal.

But to her it was a huge deal. Her big blue eyes light up and a wide smile takes over her face. "A sweep over? Yes yes yes, I'll gwo pack my stwuff."

She jumps out of his arms about to run to her room to pack until she sees me. She comes over to me and hugs my leg. "Hi Ella." I'm about to hug her back but she pulls away and skips to her bedroom.

But Declan steps forward and yells, "Riley your forgetting something."

She stops in the middle of the hallway and turns around, tilts her head to the side in confusion. Declan gestures to his aunt and says, "You didn't ask permission."

She frowns and then looks at her aunt, "Can I pwease auntie?"

Her aunt smiles. "Of course you can, but you need to make sure to pack your toothbrush, you know how important it is to brush your teeth." Her aunt says giving her a stern pointed look.

Riley turns around with a grin and carries on skipping to her room. Declan's aunt sends us a smile and follows behind her.

"She's to cute." I bring my hand to my mouth and laugh.

Declan turns to me with a cheeky smile, "What about me?" He pouts.

I laugh harder and decide to tease him, "Hmm you? I don't know." I shrug.

He grins with a glint of mischief in his eyes. He starts strolling towards me and I feel skittish under his gaze. I back up with the corners of my lips curved up.

"You don't think I'm cute?" He pouts with amusement in his eyes. He stalks closer and I hit the porch railing, unable to move back further.

He steps in front of me and gazes down at my face. His tall structure towers over me, he leans in close to my ear making my breathe catch in my throat. "Well that's to bad." He murmurs before he starts tickling me.

I start flaring my arms and laugh uncontrollably. "D-Declan stop." I stutter out trying to catch my breath. He tickles my stomach and under my armpits. My body floods with heat as I squirm uncomfortably.

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