Chapter 22

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I hear someone scream my name. "ELLA NO." But it's to late I'm already on the road about to pick up the ball when I see the car, its feet away from me. Then next thing I know is I'm free falling and my knees collide with the cement shooting pain up my left leg. I cry out and the rest of my body smashes onto the road.

My vision blurs and I hear a load crash. I slowly lift my head to see the car on the side of the road. But what I don't expect is all the blood. Blood is everywhere. Searching to see where the blood is from I find the source.

Air becomes choked in my lungs. Tears flood down my cheeks. I'm sobbing, my body convulses. No. My dad lies on the ground lifeless. Then the blackness takes me.
*dream over*
Ella's POV:

Flying up my hand immediately goes to my chest. My breathes come out ragged like I just ran a marathon. Sweat clings to my skin, making me a sticky mess. Tears prick my eyes falling helplessly down my cheeks.

"Ella." A voice comes out breathless. It's the voice of the boy that I've missed so much. The boy who means so much to me.

Bringing my gaze up I see Declan stand up and take long quick strides towards me. Each step feels to long. Taking in my surroundings I come to conclusion we're in Declan's bedroom.

"D-Declan." I choke out.

His strong arms pick me up delicately and place me onto his lap. He holds me tightly like he will never let me go. My body reacts instantly, I throw my arms around him and my head lyes on his shoulder.

"Shh I'm here baby." He whispers.

I take my head off his shoulder to look at him. When I do my heart breaks. His face is all bruised in different shades of purples and blues. His eyes are swollen and little cuts with dried blood litter his face.

I bring my hand to his face and gently touch his cuts. He winces and my chest aches for him."Declan, y-your hurt." I whisper.

"Don't worry about it, Im fine."

I shake my head and start crying all over again. "N-no your not, t-they hurt you." I squeeze him tighter and lay my head into his warm chest.

"I'll be fine lil' one."

"Promise." I mumble.

He leans down and kisses my forehead. "I promise you."

I stay cuddled in Declan arms. I don't ever want to leave. Right here right now I'm safe in arms of the boy that I love. His chin rests on my head.

"What were you dreaming about." He asks into my hair.

My body stills. It wasn't a dream it was a reoccurring nightmare. And the worst part is, is it is true. I can't tell him. What would he think of me? He would never see me the same. I was the reason my dad was dead, it was my fault.

Biting my lip I say. "I don't really remember." I feel horrible for lying but I can't lose him.

"Ella don't lie to me." His eyes look hurt.

Sitting up I can't bare to look at him so I look at my lap. "I'm not, it was nothing."

Declan lets go of me and stands up. He paces his floor next to his bed.

"I don't understand Ellie." He speaks quietly. "I've told you things about me that I don't tell anyone, but when I want to know something about you, you shut down and lie to me." Anger and hurt cloud his eyes.

"I-I'm not lying." I say weakly.

He stops and stares at me. "This is what I mean, I've been patient waiting for you to tell me when your ready." Then he stops waiting for me to say something until he realizes I'm not going to.

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