Chapter 7

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Im watching One Tree Hill when my phone goes off. I reach over to my stand and check my phone. The number is unknown and the text says 'Watcha doing lil' one?' I instantly know it's Declan because he's the only person who calls me "lil' one".
Ella's POV:

So Declan wasn't lying when he said he was going to text me later. I thought that he would forget about it but he didn't. I open my phone and text back.


'The one and only' Declan reply's. My heart beat speeds up.

'Ha-ha, so funny.'

'Are you being sarcastic with me lil' one?' Declan says. I smile at this.

'Maybe.' I text back.

He sends me the smirking emoji and I laugh. Declan reply's. 'Anyway..what r u up to lil' one'

'Chillin, watching Netflix.' I respond.

'Come chill and watch Netflix with me, I'm bored.'

I stare at my phone for a minute shocked. Oh my goodness, he just asked me to go chill with him. I have never hung out with a boy alone before. Even if I did, what would I tell my mom?

'Are you serious?' I ask twiddling my thumbs.

'Dead serious.'

'Are you sure?' I ask wanting to make sure I'm not dreaming.

'Positive, now get over here.' Well now I know I'm not dreaming.


I jump out of bed and turn off my Tv. I walk into the bathroom and brush my hair because I don't want it to look like I just woke up. I head down the stairs to the kitchen and take out a couple bags of popcorn.

After I grab my keys and turn off all the lights. Usually I forget to turn off the lights when I go somewhere and my mom hates it, so this time I made sure I didn't forget. I lock the door on the way out. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I take it out. It's just an address from Declan, must be his house.

I type the address into google maps and start driving. On the way there I stop at a gas station and pick up a case coke. I remember Declan drinking coke at the diner and we're going to need something to drink if we're having a movie marathon, so why not get coke. I buy the soda and head back out to my truck. My arrival time says five fifty five and it's five fourty three now.

The suns setting and stars are beginning to come out.

Right now I'm driving through a little apartment complex. It's nice though, there's assorted flowers planted in front of the buildings and paved sidewalks. Google maps said I have reached my destination so I turn it off and park my car in the apartment building parking lot.

I check my phone and I'm at the right place. I send Declan a text saying 'what's your apartment number?' Within a minute he reply's 'twenty six, top floor.' I put my phone away and grab the popcorn and case of soda.

I walk up three sets of stairs and down the hallway searching for number twenty six. Five minutes go by and I find it. Suddenly a rush of nerves hit me, I'm about to hangout with a hot guy alone. Maybe this wasn't a good idea but I shake that idea out of my head.

I take a deep breath and knock on the black door. The door swings open and I see a beautiful looking Declan. He's not wearing a shirt so his delicious tan abs are on display and he's wearing grey Nike sweatpants that hang low on his waist. I lift my eyes and Declan's eyes meet mine. He's grinning at me. My cheeks flush a dark red and I feel butterflies swirl in my stomach.

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