Chapter 13

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Ella's POV:

After what happened yesterday I decided to stay home from school. Declan brought me home last night after my nightmare. My mom made me breakfast and then left for work. I am home alone in this quiet house and I can't stay cooped up in it all day by myself. I'll go crazy.

I get dressed in some warm clothes with fuzzy socks and put on my rain boots. The temperature dropped last night so there's a bit of a chill in the air. It's still early in the morning and the suns rising. It's beautiful out right now with the oranges and pinks scattered throughout the sky and intertwined with the fluffy white clouds. I breathed the air in and it had that crisp fresh smell.

I stroll down the side walk not really knowing where I'm going. Not many people are out and about yet this early in the morning. I wish I was still sleeping but my mom wanted to make sure I had ate something before she left. She's still being a little overprotective after my anxiety attack. This morning she came up to my room with a bagel and fruit. I thanked her she said she wanted to make sure I was eating enough.

I've been walking for a little while now. The small buildings of this small town are coming into view. An old couple are out walking their dog while smiling and laughing. They look so in love and I can't help but watch them. The old man is holding the dogs collar in one hand and holding his wife's hand with the other. His wife only reaches his shoulder and she looks up at him with adoration in her eyes. My eyes water looking at them.

I walk by the old couple and give them a polite wave with a small smile. There swinging their arms back and forth while talking. I hug my arms to my chest and keep walking. The cold breeze is nipping at my skin and goose bumps are surfacing. Big mud puddles are scattered throughout the side walk and I have to maneuver around them. To bad I don't feel like being muddy or I would jump in them. I keep walking until I reach a small coffee shop. Only a couple people are inside. I walk in and go to the counter and place my order a vanilla chai latte.

I take a seat by the brick fire place. It's nice and warm here while I wait for my latte. This place is filled with light pastel pinks and yellows to give a comforting effect. A man in his late thirty's brings my latte over to me and I thank him. There's a slight hum of conversation from two older ladies a couple seats down from me. I sip on my warm drink and peacefully watch the fire. At least here I can't go crazy from quietness. School just started and I'm happy I'm not there. I told Olivia I wasn't coming today.

I feel my phone buzz in my pocket and I take it out. 'Where are you' it's from Declan. 'I'm at a coffee shop' I reply. A few seconds later my phone starts ringing.

"Hello" I answer my phone.

"Why didn't you come to school?" Declan waists no time and asks.

"I can't be there right now not when I can't control my emotions." I respond quietly. Why did I say that? I sound like a child.

"What coffee shop are you at?"

"The one in town."

"I'll be there in five." Declan mutters and then the line goes blank. What, why is he coming here. I didn't ask him to.

As promised Declan pulls into the parking lot five minutes later. He's wearing dark washed jean with black boots. His black shirt is hugging him tightly and a couple buttons are undone at the top. His gorgeous green eyes are sparkling in the light. He takes long quick strides to the door. I have never seen somebody walk that quickly with such grace. Every step is smooth and has pure confidence.

When Declan enters he looks around until he spots me. He walks over to me with a straight face, if I didn't know any better he looks mad. He takes the seat across from and looks me over in a concerned way.

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