Chapter 6

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Ella's POV:

Friday. Thank god it's Friday. Friday is my favorite day of the week because that means the weekend is almost here. I decide I'm going to go into school late today, as in right before fifth period. After lunch the day goes by fast, so why not go in late.

I had my mom wake Thomas up this morning so I could sleep in, not that it really helped. I don't usually get much sleep thanks to insomnia. But it's nice anyway to stay in my comfort zone a little longer.

Fifth period doesn't start till eleven o'clock, so I get out of bed at eight thirty and make myself breakfast. I poor myself a bowl of fruity pebbles and make myself a cup of coffee. I then take a seat in the living room and eat my breakfast with the Tv on. Criminal minds is the only good thing on Tv so thats what I watch.

I leave the house around ten thirty and drive to school. My mom wrote a note saying I had a doctors appointment. She's the one who suggested that I go to school late, so I took her advice. I park my truck and take a deep breath before heading in.

I take my time walking to the school entrance. The longer I'm out here the less time I'm in there. When I get there I sign myself in, in the attendance office. I check my phone and I have two minutes before the fifth period bell rings, so I walk as slow as possible to fourth period hoping the bell will ring before I get there. Lucky me, because it does.

I don't go to my locker because my bag already had the binders I needed from yesterday. I didn't bring a lunch because I ate not that long ago. So I walk to my tree and take a seat happily. Declan wasn't around to stop me so why not go to my tree. But of course my happiness was short lived.

"What do you think your doing?" Declan stares wholes into my forehead, not at all impressed.

I should've know Declan would come get me. He made it clear that I was to sit with him and Wes at lunch.

"Ha-ha well umm you see, I was uhh..." I stop not knowing what to say. I'm the worst liar ever.

"Well carry on by all means." Declan lips pull into a devilish smirk.

"I was u-uh getting fresh air, yeah umm fresh air thats it." I say knowing he can see right through my obvious lie.

"Mhm." Declan voice comes out amused. "Lying isn't nice lil' one."

I look down, my cheeks flushing scarlet. I don't even know why I tried to lie when I'm not even good at it. Especially trying to lie to someone who made you super nervous.

"A for effort." I mumble to myself. Declan chuckles at my response, he heard my poor attempt of a joke.

Declan and I walk back to the cafeteria and take our seat at his table. Wes is already sitting there eating his food. Declan looks over at me and then down at the table.

"Where's your lunch lil' one?"

"I came to school late so I didn't pack one."

"You can't just not eat Ellie." Declan says softly. I don't know why but that simple sentence makes my heart flutter. Wes even looks at Declan a little bit surprised.

"I know." I say "I'm really not that hungry."

Declan and Wes share a look and then both look at me. Declan stands up and Wes follows."Come on I'm taking you out to eat." Declan states.

My eyes widen. "No no, It's fine really, I'll just eat when I get home."

"Declan's right Ella, you need to eat. Your already quite small as it is." Wes agrees with Declan.

Before I could protest Declan grabs my hand and starts walking to the exit. I look down at our hands and suddenly feel my body heating up. 'Did the temperature just rise or what.' .

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