Chapter 20

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Ella's POV:

Coughs erupt from deep in my throat. Slowly my eyelids creep open. Where am I, what's going on? I try to move but tight ropes are rapped around my wrists binding them together, as well as my ankles. Looking around, the room is empty except for a mattress in the corner and a small window up towards the ceiling. I'm on a carpeted floor leaning against the back wall.

My chest becomes heavy. Memories of what happen flood back into my mind. Somebody kidnapped me. I put all my energy into pulling the ropes but all they do is cut of my circulation. A warm substance drips down my arm. Looking down with the limited light it's blood, these ropes are way to tight. Does my mom know I'm gone, what about Thomas or Julian or Declan?

Water starts to leak out of my eyes and down my cheeks. I can feel my heart about to burst, it's rings in my ears. I need to get out of here, I can't breathe. Maybe someone will hear me if I scream. "Help." I scream. My body starts to shake slightly. My chest heaves. "Someone please help me." I scream at the top of my longs. Sobs start to wrack my body, this cannot be happening right now.

I hear heavy footsteps coming from outside the door. Anxiety takes over, they are going to hurt me. The door slams open and a large figure walks in and switches a light on. He has dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes. He looks familiar.

The guy walks over to me and kneels down. "Well aren't you a pretty thing." He touches my cheeks and I swing my head away. A dark chuckle erupts from his throat. His touch makes me feel dirty.

More tears stream down my face. "Where am I, why am I here?" I ask quietly. My voice is raspy from just waking up. My shaking becomes more noticeable. If I don't calm down I'm going to have an anxiety attack.

He stands back up and walks around the small room. "Correct me if I'm wrong, Ella is it?" He asks while looking at me with a smirk that makes me shiver.

"How do you know my name?" I ask scared. I think I'm going to have a heart attack. Who is this guy?

His smirk grows wider. "I know a lot about you." Staring at me, he waits for my reaction.

"W-what how." I ask voice trembling. How does he know me, I've never seen him before in my life. My head starts to spin.

"Pretty and curious, what a prize I got." He says with a sick smile. I close my eyes and take a deep breathe. But nothing I do is settling my heart.

What is wrong with him, he thinks this is some game. Blood is dripping down my arms onto my clothes. These ropes are burning my skin, making me very uncomfortable. Looking at my own blood makes me nauseous. "Why did you take me?" I quiver.

"Simple, someone didn't do what I said." What, Who didn't do as he said. What is he talking about. My wrists are burning and I just want these ropes off. This has nothing to do with me I just to go home.

I stutter out "W-Who?" The walls feel like their closing in on me. Closer and closer before I get smushed. I don't do good in small spaces, they make me claustrophobic. More then anything I want to be in Declan's arms safe.

He chuckles once again. "You really don't know do you?" Confusion clouds over my face. Of course I don't know or I wouldn't have asked. Again I try to yank at the ropes. Pain surges through my arms and a whimper leaves my lips.

Shaking his head he stops in front of me analyzing me. "Please loosen these." I say holding out my tied up hands. He just stares at me like I'm stupid. I'll take that as a no then.

Looking him over I try to figure out what he means. Maybe I do know him, but definitely don't remember him. His brown hair curls at the top like Declan's does, which makes me cringe. I love Declan's soft dark hair but not on him. His ocean blue eyes look...oh my god is he related to Declan? He has the same eyes as sweet lil' Riley.

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