Chapter 24

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Ella's POV:

Another day another nightmare. Lately sleep has been hard, it's like I'm trying to hold on, to grasp something that's not there. I'm drowning and can't catch my breath. My dreams are nightmares dragging me down so deep that I don't have the power to open my eyes.

When I finally fall asleep my eyes become sealed shut so when the nightmares come, I have to suffer through them. Declan's fast asleep next to me but he's restless. At times I can feel his arm around me squeeze tight like he's reassuring himself I'm still there. All I can think about is my mom and Julian.

How can you straight up lie to someone and mess with there life. That's exactly what Julian's doing, he doesn't love my mom he can't. He puts on a fake smile and pretends. He's a drug lord and nothing but cruel.

My mom doesn't deserve it, she's been through enough. I bet she doesn't know about Declan being his son and his abusive nature. I mean that's not something you tell someone to fake a relationship.

How did everything get so complicated? But something feels off. Why would Julian date my mom when there's so many other people out there? It's kinda weird that all this stuff that's going on relates to me.

Declan is Julian's son who is dating me but, his dad is dating my mom. For some reason it's doesn't seem likes it's just a coincidence. I got kidnapped from Declan's brother. Everything's that's is going on relates to me and Declan's family not including him.

I gently pick up Declan's arm from around me and unwrap it from around my waist. He stirs in his sleep but and I wait until he stops moving and then place his arm on my pillow.

Rolling over I slide off the bed and walk to the kitchen. Declan's apartment is dark from the night but, I can see from the dull light of the moon shining through the window.

Making my way to the kitchen I take out a glass and fill it with the sink tap water. Bringing it to my lips I swallow the cold liquid, feeling the water slide down my throat relieving the dryness.

Goosebumps arise on my skin from the slight chill in the air. Declan's shirt only reaches mid thigh. Since I can't sleep I open the balcony doors and slide out. The cold air slices through my skin causing me to shiver. I cross my arms look at the sky.

I love the night, it's so quiet and peaceful. The crickets chirp and you feel at ease.

I feel strong arms wrap around my waist. Declan rests his head in my shoulder and holds me against his chest.

"Hey." I whisper.

Declan's lips brush my ear, "Hey you." His voice is raspy from just waking up.

From all the moving he was doing he was bound to wake up. I hope I didn't wake him, I wanted him to sleep. I feel like he hasn't rested properly in a long time.

"Can't sleep?" He asks bringing a hand up to my hair and twirling it. I lean my head against him and shake my head telling him no.

He stay silent for a second and then speaks, "I love when you wear my shirts, they make you look hot." He runs his hand down my body.

I step away from him looking down so my hair covers my hot skin. I cross my arms and Declan chuckles.

"So cute."

My skin becomes even hotter. "W-whatever." I mutter.

He puts his hands on my hips and pulls me back against him. I keep my head down but he moves my hair and kisses my neck. Then he turns me around and kisses my lips. A stupid smile curves up on my lips.

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