Chapter 27

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"Ella's freakin fast, don't race her unless you want to die in the process." I turn to her and she laughs.

Declan chuckles behind her and says, "That's my girl." to me.

Then speaking up he looks at Olivia. "Trust me I know."
Declan's POV:

Olivia tells Ella it's getting late so she's going to head home and shower. They said there goodbyes and when they are done I pull Ellie back to me, she didn't let me finish my sentence.

"Declan I'm sweaty and gross." She whispers.

"I don't care." I say seriously, then I lean down to her ear and whisper, "I think it's sexy."

An immediate blush illuminates her cheeks coloring them crimson. On instinct my thumb caresses her warm soft skin. My eyes fall to her glossy pink lips and I watch as she licks them.

I brush my thumb along her bottom lip and look into her very blue eyes. She watches me carefully with an aura of innocence. Not wanting to wait any longer I wrap my arms around her thin waist and land my lips on hers.

She reacts immediately standing on her tippy toes and fluttering her eyes closed. I pull away with the taste of strawberries in my mouth.

She wraps her small arms around me and rests her head on my chest. She's hugs me tightly. "Why were you gone so long?" Ella mumbles.

A grin pulls at my lips, she missed me. "I was with Wes earlier and then I had football practice afterwords, but don't worry I already showered." I say my grin growing wider.

She lifts her head to look at me and then try's to untangle herself from me, but I tighten my grip. "What do you think your doing?"

"Declan I want to take a shower?" She mumbles.

I know she does but I ask anyway. "Why?" I pretend to be confused.

Her eyebrow raises, "Because I smell." She says like it's obvious.

"So?" I question with a smirk.

"Declan." She try's to keep a straight face but fails as her lips curve up into that beautiful smile.

"Ella." I mock back.

She lightly touches my chest, "I'm serious."

"Are you?" I question kissing her temple. But I bring my lips to her ear, "What if I don't want to let you go?"

She stares at me with her big doe eyes. "Then you're going to smell to." She says softly and I chuckle. She's so cute.

"I don't mind." I play with her a little longer and she frowns. "I'm kidding." I chuckle.

Releasing her from me I say, "Go take your shower." I pat her butt and turn her towards the house. She's gasps and rushes inside.

I make my way upstairs a couple minutes later to her room. I can hear her shower going and I walk around looking at her pictures. I stop when I get to a shelve full of trophies and metals. She has at least ten trophies and I don't even know how many metals.

I pick up one of the trophies and read the bottom 'MVP'. Putting it down I pick up another one that reads 'Most Outstanding Defender'. I brush my hands along the medals and smile. My girl was good, no she was great.

Then I frown, I want to see her play. But she doesn't play anymore, she said she won't ever play again. She gets very closed off when it comes to this subject.

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