Chapter 30

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I gulp and his eyes darken. He repeats the question. "Ella did somebody hurt you?"


"Don't you lie to me Ella." He grits staring at me intently.

A sob escapes my lips, "He's g-going to h-hurt me, he's going to hurt e-everyone I l-love." I quiver as I cry harder.

"Who is Ellie, who said this?"

Ella's POV:

Declan's green orbs bore into mine with great intensity. His jaw clenches as his teeth grit together. I watch as his hand reaches for his chocolate brown hair, he glides his fingers roughly through each of the tendrils and suddenly I'm afraid he's going to pull it out.

"What did he do to you?" His voice comes out deathly calm but I know he's anything but.

I shake my head, "It doesn't matter, I-I...I can't let anybody get h-hurt." I say quietly as salty tears plague my face.

Declan's eyes visibly darken a shade. "It doesn't matter? It fucking matters to me, Ella my mother fucking abusive sorry excuse of a father is in your house and now he's threatening you!" He fumes.

I can't help but flinch at his choice of words. He doesn't usually swear around me and and he's noticeably, undoubtedly triggered. I don't like swearing especially when it's at me. A fresh set of waterworks blossom, blurring my once clear vision.

I'm not good in stressful situations and my stress levels are currently through the roof. I'm such a baby, I always cry when things get hard. I just want to roll up in a ball and hide.

Julian has invaded my home and has taken away my sense safety. Declan's anger is unmistakable.

"I-I know." I whisper.

Declan's eyes close and his hand runs down his face. "I need to know what he did to you. So help me god Ella, I'm going to kill him."

My gaze falls and I watch my lap as I say, "H-he pushed me a-against the wall, covered my m-mouth,...and threatened to h-hurt me and everybody I l-love if I tell anyone." I say and cover my face with my hands. This is real, I can't believe this is real.

A loud bang reverberates throughout the car. My eyes fly open to see Declan just punched the steering wheel. My body trembles in his lap.

I dare look at his face, this is not my Declan. This is the Declan who's been through more pain then I can imagine, this is the Declan who's been downgraded and hurt by the one person who was supposed to love him the most. This is the Declan who to has flaws.

He was raging, he's mad that the person who has hurt him over and over again is now trying to hurt me to.

What he said next was, "He's a dead man."

Declan takes my face in his warm hands but I don't look at him, I can't I'm scared. I'm such a coward, what teenager is afraid of swearing? I know hitting the steering wheel isn't considered "violence", but it frightened me. I have never encountered a situation like this before. My mom and Thomas are always so carful around me because they think I'm fragile.

I try to calm myself down but my body still shakes. I love Declan, I'm not scared of him in any way. I know he would never hurt me, but seeing him angry like this wasn't exactly not scary. Like I said before, stress and violence aren't my thing.

"Ellie your shaking." He murmurs. "I'm such an idiot." I hear him mutter to himself.

His thumbs gently caresses my cheeks. "Ella baby look at me."

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