Chapter Sixteen

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Ethan looked at his watch as it reached the time the sun was supposed to rise. As it usually took a few minutes for the sunlight to kick in he pulled out his walkie.

"Alright, everyone. Give it five minutes then we move in to take them down."

Everything was silent while they waited, but they knew they had to absolutely sure the Rutherfords had no power before attacking the mansion. Ethan tried hard to get a sense of what was going on inside the house, but it was as if someone was blocking him from seeing anything.

Ethan thought of the man he saw enter the house and again wondered who the hell he was. How could he do something that should be impossible?

Five minutes had passed and he began to see the teams come out of the forest and make their way to the windows to throw the smoke bombs through. Ethan and his team stayed in position to go after anyone who tried to run.

It only took a minutes before Ethan saw a blonde-haired girl carrying a backpack burst out the back door and run for the tree line. What was weird was that a slender calico cat just so happened to be following her.

"I got it," Ethan said. And he started to run after her when he saw someone else run out the back door just after her. This girl was dark-haired and ran so fast Ethan wondered how a vampire could do that in the sunlight.

Ethan had almost made it to the tree line where the two girls disappeared when someone started running alongside him. He looked over to see Vince Valentino, the heir to the Valentino family. And of course, he had the same charm the rest of them have while smiling and goofing off when they should be taking something seriously.

"Hey, Ethan," he waved at him while they dashed into the forest. They stopped just inside the tree line, unsure of where the girls went.

"What are you doing Vince? You're supposed to stay inside the house, and I'm supposed to take care of the stragglers."

Vince nodded. "I know, but I figured, what if you were already chasing after someone. Am I just supposed to let that girl get away?" He said it like he made a valid point, but Ethan was too furious to respond.

He started trying to sense the land and try and figure out what direction the girls went in when he heard Vince start stepping to the right.

"Where are you going?"

Vince pointed to his nose. "I can smell them, you idiot." Then he gave off a small laugh and went deeper into the forest.

Ethan shook his head. "Traditionalists," he muttered before following Vince. While there was nothing necessarily wrong with traditionalists that kept to their ancestral roots of being able to shift between forms, many saw it as a waste of time. It took a lot of work to be able to stay tethered to your animal half and most hunters nowadays preferred to spend that time learned how to control the crystals.

Ethan and Vince walked only a little of the ways through the forest before they heard a struggle followed by the crackle of electricity. They ran after it before they came to a thinner part of the forest, not exactly a clearing, and found the two girls they were searching for laying on the ground.

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