Part 47

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-Next Morning-

**Alyssa's POV**

I woke up to see Matt next to me sleeping on his stomach. I looked down at the bed and saw blood. Shit.

"Matt" I said shaking him to wake him up

"Yes" he said in his morning voice but he didn't open his eyes

"I think you're bleeding" 

He groaned

"Lay on your back"

He turned over and the front of his stomach was covered in blood. He leaned up and saw his stomach.

"Fuck" he said

I got up and walked to the door to see if Kristen was awake. Thank god she was.

"Kristen can you come here?" 

She got up and walked right over. She looked in and saw Matt.

"I'll be right back" she said and walked out of the room.

I walked back over to the bed and sat down behind him. I put his pillow on my lap and then placed his head on the pillow. He looked up into my eyes. Kristen walked in and handed Matt two Advil and a bottle of water.

"Take these because your stomach is going to hurt later" Kristen

He did what she said. Then Kristen took a small towel, poured water on it and started wiping away the blood. Matt squeezed his eyes shut.

"Holy shit that burns" He pulled his arms up and put them about his head. I grabbed his hands as I saw a tear fall from his eyes.

"Shh it's okay" I said

"I'm sorry Matt" Kristen said

"It's not your fault" Matt replied

After 10 minutes all the blood was gone. Kristen put a bandage over where the cut open.

"You're going have to start sleeping on your back and side instead of your stomach until this is 100% healed." Kristen said then left leaving Matt and I.

Matt looked up into my eyes and said "Thanks for always looking out for me-"

I cut him off "You don't have to keep thanking me"

"Wait let me finish, thanks for always looking out for me and caring for me because I really do appreciate it. I don't really know what I would do without you. I love you"

The biggest smile spread across my face "I love you too"

-A Week Later-

We are leaving for our vacation tomorrow and I'm so excited to spend a week with my amazing group of friends. I was driving down with Matt, Kellie, Tay, Aaron and Erin. That should be an interesting car ride. I need to go the mall to get Matt a birthday present. I texted Kristen asking her to come with me. She said sure so I went to picker her up and we went to the mall.

"I don't know what to get him" I said "I don't just want to get him vans again he already has like 30 pairs"

"I have an idea" Kristen said

-Next Day 8pm-

**Matt's POV**

We were leaving later so there wasn't much traffic. It was going to take about 3 hours to drive there. Cam, Nash, Jack, Jack, and Carter were all going together.

"We need to because we have to pick everyone up and drop the dogs off at Kristen's house" Alyssa yelled at me

"I'm ready, where are your bags?" I asked

"By the window"

I looked over to see three bags by the door. "We're going for a week not a month"

We both started laughing. Lyss followed me out to the car with the dogs and put them in the car. 

"Let's go" I said

We drove to Kristen's first and dropped the dogs. Then we picked up Kellie and Tay then Erin and Aaron. 

"Who has good music on their phone that we can plug in?" I asked

"I do" Alyssa yelled

I rolled my eyes at her, she knows I don't love all her music choices.

"Don't roll your eyes at me mister" She said and laughed. Everyone else was laughing. The first song that came on was Beside You by 5sos

All the girls were singing.

"She sleeps alone. My heart wants to come home. I wish was I wish I was beside you" Alyssa sang 

I was looking at the road but I could feel her eyes on me the whole time I couldn't help but smile.

"Matt let me see your hand" She practically yelled


"Just let me see it" 

I put my hand out and she grabbed it and intertwined our fingers. I pulled her hand up to my face and kissed it.

"Aw" Kellie said

"You guys are so cute" Aaron said

Lyss rested her elbow on the armrest and stared at me as I was driving, I could feel her bright green eyes looking at me.

After half an hour we stopped to at the gas station. We all went in the store and got Arizona's and chips. We rearranged seats a little bit. Erin and Aaron were all the way in the back and Kellie and Lyss sat in the middle leaving Tay and I in the front.

After driving for a little while the girls all had their earphones in and they were sleeping.

"I have a huge surprise for Lyss while we are here"

"What is it?" Tay asked

-Skip to getting to the house-

The girls were still sleeping and the rest of the guys were'nt there yet. Aaron, Taylor and I brought all the bags inside and each claimed our rooms. I went back out to the car and opened the door where Lyss was sleeping. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to our room. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I walked up the stairs. 

When we got to the our I put her down on the bed. She was already wearing sweats and a t-shirt so I just left her in that. I sat down on the bed stared at her sleeping. I bent down and kissed her on the forehead. I went to see if Aaron or Taylor needed help. Erin walked passed me into her room and then I walked passed Tay carrying Kellie to their room.

I walked upstairs to the kitchen to see that the rest of the guys were here. I said hi and hugged them all then went to bed.

I got into bed in my hoodie and sweats and put my arm around Lyss.

"Night my angel"

Okay I just want to thank you all for the reads! It really means a lot!



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