Part 45

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**Alyssa's POV**

"I got your test results and they don't show anything wrong" the doctor said

"That's great" I said

"But" the doctor replied

"But is never good" Matt said

"Your therapist thinks you have depression and anxiety which is causing you to get sick."

"What does this mean?" I asked

Matt grabbed my hand.

"Well" she started to say "Matt needs to go to therapy two times a week and go on medication. I'll be back in 20 minutes"

Matt just zoned out, staring at the wall. Kristen walked over to the bed.

"Matt" she said waving her hand in front of his face

"Yeah?" he said

"Are you okay?" she asked Matt

"I guess. I mean at least nothing serious is wrong. I just really want to go home." Matt said

"I'll go find out when you can leave" Kristen replied

Kristen walked out to go find the doctor. Matt laid his head down on my shoulder and I just sat their playing with his hair.

Kristen came in 15 minutes later and told me to come outside with her.

"I'll be right back" I said to Matt then kissed him on the forehead

He just smiled. That smile is priceless.

"Okay, they are saying he can go home tomorrow but he needs to have someone with him pretty much 24/7. I can try and stay at the apartment with him" Kristen said

"I can stay. I want to stay but could you just stay tomorrow night"


-Next Day-

**Matt's POV**

"Here" Lyss said "I picked up clothes for you to change into"

"Thanks beautiful"

I went to the bathroom and changed into the black t-shirt and khaki shorts Alyssa brought me. Knowing that I am so close to getting out of here is making me so antsy. I walked out of the bathroom to see Lyss, Kristen and a doctor in my room.

I rolled my eyes. I'm tired of all these doctors. Lyss saw me roll my eyes.

"Can you just lay down for a minute?" the doctor asked

I didn't want too, but did I have a choice? I know they wanted to check the stitches and everything but I really don't even care. I laid down and pulled my shirt up. I know I did this but I hate looking at them. Lyss walked over to and stood next to me.

The doctor checked to make sure all the stitches were still in. Then she did the same with my wrists.

"Okay Matthew, you're good to go home." she said and walked out of the room

"About time" I said

"Alyssa you can bring him home right?" Kristen asked

"Yeah" she replied

"I'll meet you guys back at the house I need to stop at the store" Kristen said then left

"Let's go!" I said

"Okay okay" Lyss replied

I grabbed her hand as we walked down the hallway. We walked out the door and it was amazing. I hadn't been outside since I first came into the hospital. There was a breeze that was literally perfect and it wan't humid at all.

-Skip Car Ride-

I walked up to the door and I could hear the dogs crying inside. Alyssa opened the door and I went in and the dogs literally pushed me to the floor.

"Hi" I said laughing as Burnie licked my face

"They missed you" Lyss said

I got up and went to sit on the couch, Lyss came and sat down next to me. She sat on the other end of the couch but I grabbed her and pulled her up next to me.

**Alyssa's POV**

Matt was moving around a lot.

"Does it hurt?" I asked

"Yeah a little bit"

Matt lifted up his shirt and stared at the scars. Some of the stitches were already taken out. I put my finger on one of his scars and traced it. I could hear his breathing get heavier. I looked up at him, his head was back and his eyes were closed.

I lifted up my finger and pulled his shirt back down. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and crashed my lips onto his. He kissed back right away. After a few minutes the door opened.

"Sorry for interrupting" Kristen said laughing

I laughed. "You didn't interrupt" Matt said looking at me the whole time. He was smiling but biting his lip at the same time. Kristen brought all the bags into the kitchen. The minute she was in the kitchen. Matt pulled me back up to his lips. I will never stop feeling fireworks when he kisses me.

"I love you so much" he said

"I love you too"

"We should go on a vacation with everyone in a few weeks. It would be nice to hang out as a family again." Matt said

"I agree. Do you want me to invite them over after dinner?"

Matt nodded. I hugged him and kissed his cheek

"Thank you for everything" Matt said

"I would do anything for you"

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