Part 33

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**Alyssa's POV**

I can't think straight right now. I still love Matt. But could I have feelings for Shawn at the same time? This is so confusing

"I really don't know how I feel about this. I do have some feelings for you but at the same time I still love Matt and me and him just broke up and you and Erin just broke up. I don't want to rush things" I said

"I understand" he said getting up

"That doesn't mean I want you to leave" I said smiling

He smiled and sat back down.

I don't know what to do. I like Shawn but I love Matt, but Matt is all the way across the country and we aren't even dating anymore.

"Shawn" I said


"I love you too" he smiled and kissed me

I'm in love with my bestfriend.

*Two Weeks Later*

Shawn and I hang out all the time now but we aren't offically dating or anything. I've talked to Matt once since he left. I still missed him though not as much as before.

I got home from the mall and Shawn's car was parked outside the apartment. I walked in to see Shawn with his guitar. There were candles and rose pedals everywhere.

"Oh my god Shawn" I couldn't stop smiling

He sat me down and started to sing his original song Life of the Party. I was in tears, happy ones of course.

When the song was over he went to the table and picked up a rose. "Alyssa, you have been my bestfriend forever, but I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend instead"

"Of course" I said jumping up and hugging him

He took out his phone and took a picture of us. He posted it on twitter.

"@ShawnMendes: She said yes! :) @lyssa707"

Shawn being so talented had a lot more followers on twitter then I did. He has a strong music career in the future.

**Matt's POV**

"@ShawnMendes: She said yes! :) @lyssa707"

Really? I know that I said she should try and find someone but two weeks after we broke up! I guess I don't really have a right to be mad at her or Shawn. I wonder what Erin was thinking about this. They just broke up too. I decided to text her.

(E-Erin, M-Matt)

M- What do you think about Alyssa and Shawn?

E-What do you mean?

M-They're dating

E-Oh. I didn't even know.

**Shawn's POV**

I was watching TV with Alyssa when I got a text from Erin.

(E-Erin, S-Shawn)

E-Really Shawn? Are you fucking kidding me?

S- What are you talking about?

E-You and Alyssa dating. One she is my bestfriend, I get she is your bestfriend too but I mean come on. And we just broke up two weeks ago and you know we only did that because of distance. I thought you still loved me.

S- I'm sorry but I have feelings for Alyssa too. If we happen to be broken up when you get back then maybe we can work things.

E-No. I'm done with you.

I don't think Erin has a right to be pissed, we aren't dating anymore.

(Note: It is September in the story, Alyssa is in college in Virginia and Shawn's music career is beggining to take off)

**Matt's POV**

I was late to class and I was running I didn't even realize I wasn't looking where I was going until I bumped into someone knocking all the books out of their hands.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry" I said bending down to pick up the books.

"It's totally fine" she said

I looked up to see a beautiful girl. She was long blonde hair with beautiful light blue eyes and an award winning smile.

"Hi I'm Matt" I said

"Emily" she said putting her hand out

"Maybe we could go get coffee togther sometime?"

"I would love that" she said pulling out a piece of paper "Here's my number"

I put her number in my phone and walked to class. I decided to text her quick.

Matt-Meet me at starbucks after class

Emily-Okay see ya there ;)

That class went by so slow I wanted to go get to know Emily. She is gorgeous.

*After class*

"Hi" she said sitting down at the table with me

"Hey" I replied

We sat there for a couple of hours. We ended up back in my room making out. Could I like her? Or was I just trying to replace Alyssa like she did with me?

*Three Weeks Later* (Sorry for jumping time a lot)

**Still Matt's POV**

"Em, I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend" I asked

"I would love too" She said jumping on to me wrapping her arms aroung my neck and legs around me waist

"I love you" I said

"I love you more" she said

So what do you guys think? Alyssa and Shawn? Emily and Matt?



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