Part 37

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**Alyssa's POV**

"Because of you"

I stood there shocked.

"Why? What did I do?" I asked

Kellie didn't say anything she just looked over at Shawn. Fuck. I walked over to Matt.

"Matt, Can I borrow your car? I'll be back in like half an hour" I asked

"Sure. Do you want me to come?" he replied

"No thanks, I need to go talk to Erin" I said as he handed me the keys.

-Skip Drive-

I pulled into her driveway and walked up to the door. I rang the bell and Erin opened it a few seconds later. She saw me and started to close the door but I stopped her.

"Can we just talk?" I asked

"Fine" she replied

"What's the problem you have with me?" I asked her

"Well Shawn and I broke up and then two weeks later he started dating you when we only broke up because long distance relationships don't work. He told me he would still love me. It hurt that you would do that to me."

"I didn't know that's why you broke up. He just said that you broke up he didn't tell me why. If I knew you still liked him I wouldn't-" I said before she cut me off

"Just save it. I know you guys have always liked each other." She said

"No I haven't. If it makes you feel any better Shawn and I broke up." I replied

"You did?Why?" she asked

"He is going on tour in a week and he is going to be gone for a long time. I just want to say I'm sorry that I dated him I should have asked you first."

"It's okay"

"Do you want to come back to Cam's?" I asked

"Sure" she replied

"Okay let's get you ready. Make Shawn jealous of what he lost. Okay?"

She laughed. We went to go get her ready and then we went back to Cam's.

**Matt's POV**

Alyssa and Erin walked in and went to go talk to Kellie. I couldn't stop staring at her. Jack J came over and snapped me out of it.

"What happened to that chick you brought to the party last night?" Jack asked curiously

"Oh well I walked into her making out with some other guy so we're done" I replied

"You and Lyss should get back together, you guys really were a good couple"

"Trust me Jack, I want too but I really don't think she does." I replied

"Really then why does she keep staring at you?" he said

I turned around and Alyssa quickly looked away. I couldn't take not being with her and not being able to hold her in my arms. I walked over to her wrapping my arms around her from behind.

"Matt" she said looking up at me "Never mind"

It felt amazing to have her in my arms. All of our friends were staring at us.

"What?" I said

"Nothing" They said and laughed

"Who wants food?" Cam yelled

Everyone screamed yes. Its nice to all be able to hangout again. I missed this.

"I'll order pizza" Cam said

Before the pizza Cam some of us decided to smack cam Nash. Alyssa pulled out her phone and recorded it. Taylor put shaving cream on his hand and walked over to Nash.

"Smack cam!" he yelled as he smacked Nash

"You're dead bandana boy." Nash said

Nash started chasing Taylor. Taylor ran outside and Nash pushed him in the pool and most of the guys jumped in. Alyssa walked over to me.

"Hey can I use your phone quick" I asked

She pulled out her phone and handed it to me and I put it down on the table. Then I picked her up and started to walk towards the pool.

"Matt, don't" She said

"Too late" I said as I jumped in the pool with her in my arms

"You bitch" she said laughing, jumping on me trying to push me under

"You really think you can beat me" I said

"Let's have chicken fights" Taylor yelled.

Kellie got on Taylor's shoulders and Alyssa got on mine.

"You're going down" Alyssa said to Kellie

"Ready.Set.Go." Aaron yelled

Both of them started pushing each other meanwhile Taylor and I were cracking up.

Kellie pushed Alyssa off first.

"Suck it" Kellie yelled and laughed.

**Alyssa's POV**

"What ever" I said laughing

I was surprised we were having so much fun.

"Guys where is Cam, Nash and Carter?" I asked

Soon as I said it they came in with water balloons and started throwing them.

"This means war" Matt yelled

Matt grabbed a bucket and filled it with water and dumped it on Cam. Then we heard the bell rang and we stopped for food.

We all sat on the edge of the pool eating our pizza. I sat between Matt and Kellie.

"So" Cam said looking at Matt and I "When are you guys getting back together?"

I looked at Matt, as a tear rolled down my face "We can't" I said

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