Part 49

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**Matt's POV**

"I'm not kidding about wanting to marry you" I said

"I know. Neither am I just not now we are still so young and I don't want to be rushing thing, you know?"

"Yeah" I said

We were still on the beach just laying down. This has been an amazing day. I was away with all my friends and I got the girl of my dreams back.

"Remember when I had my birthday party in like 1st grade and we were painting and you poured it all over me" Lyss said and then started laughing

"You probably were being a little bitch" I said jokingly and she smacked my shoulder and started laughing.

She got up and sat on top of me pinning my arms to the ground. "Do you really think you can hold me down?" I asked and she nodded. I pushed her off of me, flipping her unto her back and I got on top of her.

We just stayed like that gazing into each other's eyes. "You are something else" I said laughing "but that's what I love about you. You are-"

"Shut up and kiss me you idiot"

I didn't think twice, I just went in and started to kiss her and it was amazing.

**Alyssa's POV**

Something about him when we kissed I just never wanted to stop. I pulled at the hair on the back of his head and he moaned.

I broke the kiss "I heard that" I said

He just smiled and kissed me again. After a few minutes he broke the kiss.

"Let's go back to the house" he said 

I got up, grabbed my shoes and started running back with Matt chasing after me. We got back to the house and went in and both dropped our shoes at the door. We still were in the hallway when Matt picked me up and slammed me against the wall. He looked like he was going to say something then he just kissed me again. It wasn't the usual sweet kiss. He was being rough.

"Why are you guys making out in the hallway when you have a bedroom" A voice said I think it was Nash but we didn't even break the kiss. Matt just started walking to our room still carrying me. He slammed the door shut, locked it and threw me down on the bed.

**Shawn's POV**

"Well those two are about to fuck" Nash said

"How do you know?" Kellie asked

"The way that they were just sucking face in the middle of the hallway."

Everyone was laughing. I realized Erin was missing. I saw her standing outside so I went to go talk to her.

"Hi" I said


"Do you still hate me?"

"No" She said and smiled "I have to tell you something:

I was hoping she would say she still loved me. I missed her. A lot.


"I kind of have a thing with Aaron"

All I could think was wow I'm such an idiot.

I know this isn't long but I rather give you a short chapter for now! I will try and do a bigger one tomorrow or Thursday. Are any of you going to Nick Tangorra's birthday thing on Long Island?



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