Part 20

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**Matt's POV**

"I grant full custody of Matthew to Austin and Jennifer Smiths" 

This can't be happening , we would have a child in this world that we weren't going to be parents of. We got up and walked over to Austin and Jennifer.

Jennifer got up and screamed in Alyssa's face "I don't want you in Matthew's life at all"

"Can I just say goodbye?" Alyssa asked

Jennifer rolled her eyes and said "Fine."

"Hi baby I guess we won't ever really get to know each other but I'm your really mommy and this is your real daddy" she said pointing to me "I know you're going to grow into an amazing person. We love you." 

Jennifer picked up the car seat and walked out. Austin said "I'm sorry, we'll take good care of him I promise."

I watched them walk out the door and then I realized Alyssa was on the floor crying. I tried not to cry I needed to be strong for her. I got on the floor and wrapped her arms around my neck and carried her bridal style to the car. I put her in the back and she laid across the seats. When we got back to our apartment I lifted her out of the car, bringing her inside and putting her down on the couch.

I went in the kitchen to get water. I walked back and Alyssa was on the couch hugging Ace with Burnie laying on her lap.

She was talking to them "I still have you boys though. I'm really sad right now"  she said to our dogs and then she started crying again. Ace started licking her face causing her to laugh.

"I haven't heard that cute laugh of yours in a while" I said

She smiled at me.

"I really don't know how to deal with this Matt. I just can't take it"

"I know its hard right now and I'm just hoping this gets better" I replied

She went to our room and I walked into the living room to send a message to everyone

Matt- Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that we didn't get custody of Matthew

I texted my parents and siblings the same message.

They all answered most of them saying "I'm sorry" the rest of them asked us if  we needed anything. All of a sudden Burnie was barking and he grabbed my arm in his mouth and started pulling me to the bedroom. I ran in to see Alyssa with a blade in her hand.

"Put it down" I said

"I can't" she said

I  slowly walked up to her and grabbed the blade out of her hand and threw it in the toliet.

"Matt just let me do it" she yelled

"No! You're too beautiful for all these scars. You can't solve every single problem by making another cut on your wrist." I said at this point I had tears in my eyes

Then someone knocked on our door. I walked Alyssa in the living room and I had her sit on the couch. I opened the door to see Kristen and she saw the tears falling down my face. She pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry" she said holding me so tight.

Now I was crying in my sister's arms and Alyssa was crying on the couch with the dogs. This sucks. All of this is breaking us and making our lives hell.

When Kristen let go I went to go sit with Alyssa. 

"I'm staying with you guys for a week" Kristen said

Okay guys sorry if you wanted Alyssa and Matt to keep the baby! I may update one more time tonight. I'm not sure yet though!



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