Part 7

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*One week later*

**Alyssa's POV**

Another week had passed and it was time for Matt and I to go back to school tomorrow. Matt took off with me even though he really wasn't supposed too.

I was really nervous about every little thing. What if I forgot my way around the school? What if I was failing my classes. And the thing that was worrying me most, Jill.

Matt talked to the principle to change my schedule so she wasn't in any of my classes. The only period I had with her was lunch. Supposedly she attends therapy now.

I woke up to see an empty bed. A few minutes later the door opened and Matt walked in with a tray in his hands with breakfast.

"Breakfast in bed for my girl" he said with a smile

"Aw Matt you didn't have too."

"I know but I wanted too" he replied

The tray had two glasses of orange juice, a bowl of strawberries and two plates with pancakes and bacon. We finished our food and sat there.

"Matt.." I said

"Yes beautiful?" he replied

"I want to begin this new chapter in my life and I want you to get rid of my blades."

"Lets do it then" he said smiling

We got up and I reached for the box under my bed. I pulled it out and grabbed the blades handing them to Matt. We walked downstairs and got rid of them.

"I am so proud of you" he said smiling at me

We walked back to my room hand in hand. He saw the box on my bed walked over and looked inside.

"I can't believe you kept the pictures all these years" he said

"You were my best friend Matt I wouldn't just throw it all away." I replied

He kept looking through the box till he saw the locket.

"I remember I gave this to you after I accidentally pushed you down the stairs and you broke your arm" he said laughing

Matt took the locket, stood up and walked behind me.

"Lift your hair" he said and the placed the locket around my neck clipping it together.

His arms wrapped around my waist and he started kissing my neck.

"Matt please" I said giggling

"What I know you want this body" Matt said smirking at me

"Don't be so cocky" I said laughing trying to run away

He grabbed me picking me up and throwing me onto my bed. He was now hovering over me, our eyes locked.

"You're so fucking beautiful" he said

"You don't have to lie to me" I said looking away

"I'm not lying" Matt said smiling

He leaned in crashing his lips onto mine. Normally people feel sparks when they kiss I didn't. I felt like fireworks we're going off.

**Matt's POV**

I felt a knot in my stomach as we kissed but a good knot. The sweet kiss turned into a heated make out session. I broke the kiss and started to kiss down her neck surly leaving marks but I didn't care.

I could see her biting her lip. She started running her fingers through my hair, which really turned me on. I tried holding in my moans but I couldn't any more.

"B-babe" I said moaning

"Weak huh?" she said laughing

I went back to her lips and she pushed me over and now she was on top of me. I started tugging at her shirt signaling her to take it off. She didn't. I started pulling her shirt off. She broke the kiss.

"Matt I'm sorry, I can't I'm just not ready yet." she said

"It's okay"

She laid down next to me putting her head on my chest. I kissed her forehead. We both just laid there not saying a word.

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