Part 18

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*Three Days Later*

**Matt's POV**

It has been three days without Matthew. It basically has been three days without Alyssa too. She has barely spoken to me or anyone that has come to visit and she doesn't eat. I'm inviting Shawn over because he always makes her feel better.


M-Hey can you come over and try and talk to Alyssa?

S- Sure I'll be over in 15 minutes

I walked into our bedroom. Alyssa was laying in bed starring at the ceiling. Her eyes were all red and puffy. 

"Hi, what do you want to eat?" I asked hoping she would want something. 

"Nothing" she said quietly 

"Please eat something. You haven't ate anything in three days and you're going to get yourself sick." I said

She just started crying again.

"I know it seems really bad now but I'm going to do everything possible to get him back I promise you." I said holding her

A few minutes later the bell rang I opened it to see Shawn.

"She is in the room, I'm going to get her something from Starbucks maybe she'll eat." I said and walked out the door

**Alyssa's POV**

My heart was broken. I felt like someone literally ripped it out of my chest and stomped on it right in front of me. Shawn walked in

"Hey" he said

I just waved at him. I wanted to cry but honestly, I just ran out of tears.

He got in the bed and hugged me. 

"Listen to me, I get that this must suck right now but you're so strong and you have gotten through so much, I know you can get through this" Shawn said "and I need you to make me a promise that you swear you aren't going to break."

I nodded

"Promise me you won't hurt yourself." he said

"I promise" I replied

"It's good to hear that beautiful voice of yours again" he said smiling

Causing me to smile

"There's that smile" Shawn said

A few minutes later Matt walked in with Starbucks.

"Please take it" Matt said

"I'm really not hungry but thank you" I said getting up a giving him a hug

**Matt's POV**

Shawn and I walked out of the room.

"That's the first time she's gotten out of bed in three days." I said "Thank you"

"No problem" Shawn said "Maybe if she's up to eating we could go on a triple date tonight, you guys, Erin and I, and Kellie and Taylor"

"I'll talk to her and text you" I said

"Okay bye" he said walking out

I called a bunch of people on how we could get Matthew back. They all told me the same thing. That we would have to get a lawyer and get a court date. I called up a few attorney office's and a found a lawyer we could afford. My family had offered to give us some money. 

A few minutes later I heard the bathroom door slam shut and Alyssa getting sick. I went in and she was just laying there crying in a pool of her own vomit.

Then she went unconscious.

Okay guys thats part 18! I'm going to start 19 right now hopefully I will be done with it within the next 3 hours!



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